Eight magnificent and efficient software to help all college students to do better in school despite the existence of numerous challenges that are likely to affect the overall performances of different individuals. 

College life equips students with many skills needed to survive in the world after school. Generally, being a successful student is not always a walk in the park and requires a lot of hard work and dedication. College students always give their best to achieve great results during their time in school; therefore, in this technologically advanced society, having software that can help them better their performance is a priority. Recommending software to college students requires thorough research to develop a comprehensive list to save the students’ time and resources and save them from general college stress. Students are constantly under pressure to accomplish so much within a short duration. Sometimes, students do not have sufficient time to complete their assignments because of the number of daily tasks they are supposed to undertake. The good thing about modern technology is that students can always seek assistance from reputable companies like peachyessay to improve their academic performance.

This article will discuss different software that could aid students in improving their academic performance. 


This is a study tool developed to aid students’ study and prepare for examinations through games and other collaborative tools and to save time while studying. Quizlet’s main purpose is to assist students and teachers in understanding and practicing what they are studying. The learning materials available on Quizlet are organized into pools referred to as “study sets” that, upon logging in, the students or the teachers can add to their accounts. A teacher or a student can generate the study sets, or they can choose study sets already created by others and add them to their accounts. The major benefit of Quizlet is that it allows live class sessions; the other advantages include; the teachers can easily incorporate teamwork in the classes and monitor and differentiate the different reviews for each student. 

While Quizlet might have a lot of advantages, it also has its cons which include; the students might be tempted to cheat during their examinations using the quizlets, or the students are also likely to get distracted by the adverts that feature while learning. Because any user can create and share the quizlets, the students might get the wrong information as there is no accuracy guaranteed.


This is a free language-learning site where students can enrol and learn new languages, and it also has Android and iOS apps for learning using mobile phones. The apps allow the students to learn the new language, build their vocabularies and practice their grammar. The course is outlined in a progressive manner that allows for smooth learning, keeps track of the learners’ understanding and their memory, and creates exercises based on what they are poor in or might have forgotten. Having a platform to speak and write the words in the new language allows the learner to master the pronunciation and spelling correctly.


This mobile phone app encourages students to keep off their phones and concentrate on important activities like reading or group discussions by inspiring them to plant trees. Whenever students want to start a study session, they plant trees in their “forest” by leaving their phones so the trees might grow. The longer the students stay off their phones, the more the trees grow hence increasing the size of their forest, and the more they pick up their phones and open other apps, the more their trees die. The company owning this app decided to make this interesting to real nature lovers by planting real trees all around the world for every single download made. 

Google Play Books

This is a crucial app for students as it allows them to access and read books online. It can be accessed as an app on android, iOS, and iPhone phones. This platform gives learners access to thousands of digital books necessary for their studies, and they can get them at a relatively lower price than buying actual textbooks from a bookshop. This app greatly reduces the students’ education expenses and can help them channel the extra cash to other activities.

WPS Office

This is a perfect substitute for Microsoft Office as it performs simple and complex tasks and offers productivity tools such as WPS Writer, WPS Presentation, WPS Spreadsheets, and WPS Pdf. Students already accustomed to Microsoft Office might find using WPS Office easier and more convenient as they share the basics of their services. WPS Office is very convenient to students as they can download mobile apps compatible with Android and iPhone phones and have them readily available anywhere, they might need. WPS is very convenient as it offers a simple Word-to-PDF and PDF-to-Word conversion tool. This tool can prove to be handy to students as they can be able to convert a PDF document to a Word document and then be able to edit the document. WPS Office features are also very compatible with Microsoft Office features; hence, the students can use it without fearing incompatibility. WPS and Microsoft Office work together in features such as; built-in formulas and functions, graphics, charts, simple presentations, add-ons, and sophisticated modelling. WPS Office also offers a free Windows version that students can comfortably use.


This app is designed specifically for students who need to travel or walk over long distances alone, away from people who might know them. BSAFE allows the students to create a system of trusted friends and family who can accompany them virtually to lonely places keeping them safe and secure. If students find themselves in distress, they can use an inbuilt voice-activation alarm to send a message to their connected network of friends. To keep in touch, the students can Livestream their walks and trips to keep their network aware of their whereabouts. 

Many software programs could aid college students in doing better in school. As a student, you should spare sufficient time to identify the software that will work to your advantage. On the same note, you should avoid copying what your friends are doing since what might work out for them might be the complete opposite for you.