Cloud-based document management has streamlined the logistics of capturing, storing, retrieving, indexing, sharing, and securitizing documents. Managing and distributing company documentation efficiently and securely is a significant aspect for the management, and this tool has made the role more strategic and less administrative. Here is why HR should consider investing in the best tools and systems for document management:


Many data breaches begin from within the company. It has been proven that storing data in the cloud is more secure than storing it in an inhouse system. The traditional data storage is easy to compromise whether intentionally or accidentally and confidential data can end up with the wrong parties. On cloud systems, authorized employees can limit and monitor the accessibility of data by using passwords and any breaches are identified early. The cloud providers have a reputation to protect, so they are always on their toes to provide a secure and reliable system.


Buying servers, computers, and disk space for storing all of the company’s documents is more costly than contracting a company that already has the required systems in place. Using DMS tools such as Onedrive for business on a cloud hosted windows virtual desktop on azure from Windows DaaS provider is the most powerful & popular storage technique adopted by internet users for fulfilling their data storage needs. When you opt for a cloud-hosted system, your software is hosted by a third party and you will be accessing your documents online using any internet-connected device. Synel-Americas hosts systems for many companies and the fee charged depends on the features and amount of storage required and also all upgrades and maintenance work.

Rapid deployment

A cloud-based DMS gives an enterprise the flexibility to customize or upgrade their systems as needed while the documents remain safe and secure. Minimal IT input is required on the client’s end because there is no software to install, no backups to set up, and the cloud-based SaaS is available through a simple web browser connection. The client has access to the latest version of the DMS because upgrades and updates are made available automatically.


With many organizations going global, the idea of working from home has become a common thing. The employees can log in through a web-enabled device and do work just as they would if they were in the office. This is not possible for organizations with traditional data processes. Cloud-based systems also allow a quick and easy way of moving data or increasing storage space without creating disruptions.

Competitive advantage

Cloud-based systems relieve the organization from the headache of having to maintain data and helps the employees to focus on the core business and increasing productivity. Keeping current on technological trends ensures that the organization will not become obsolete in an increasingly technological world. Cloud computing also gives constant access to data and associated analytics that enables the organization to make rapid changes to respond to market trends.


You can completely eliminate the paperwork from your to-do list when you have an effective tech-enabled document management system. This saves a lot of resources between the labor, time, and costs that can arise from losing crucial business information. You can integrate the cloud-based document management system with other HR tools to simplify the whole process of collecting and dispatching information.