Walk into any marketing expo and you will be attacked by vicious sales-reps seeking to suck you into their black-hole of data-darkness. It certainly has to crack-down. ERP systems have been hijacked by a den of software thieves and we’ve made up our mind to take this devilish-disarray down.

For the record and with our hand on our heart, we hereby swear that we are qualified to give this opinion. We have witnessed a countless number of ERP software implementations.

99.9% of ERP implementations are not-successful.

Let us assure you that there has never been a full-scale success of an ERP implementation, in all of human history

If a heart monitor worked only half the time, it would be a disaster. Imagine a financial planner proudly telling you that she has a 30% success rate in making you money!


Here is why ERP software doesn’t work, cannot work & will never work:

Nobody knows how to use the damn thing. All the training in the world is not going to help your staff figure out the complexities of ERP. Your ERP will turn your sales-force into a snails-force (yes, that pun was intended).

The tech is broken and it cannot be fixed. No matter how many programmers you throw at the problem you will always uncover annoying little things like date fields that are not compatible, a User Experience Design that is too simple or too complex, data that is not integrating with other systems and reports that show incorrect data. You see, the problem is not with the programming, it’s with the underlying logic.

The data is always wrong. Poor data in means poor data out. Some organisations hire staff that advocate a particular ERP tool so they can ensure it gets used correctly. Eliminating talent based on the fact that they are aligned with a specific ERP agenda is as dangerous as it is stupid. You will never, ever get the right data into an ERP system. Accept that now.

Your staff will hate it like never before. In every company, about half the staff will reject the project hands down. In public they will tell you how wonderful it is, they may even give you a cute testimonial for your website. It only takes one person to silently push against it and they will bring everyone down around them. You will never know who this person is.

ERP companies are greedy. The goal of an ERP company is to line you up in their sights so they can milk you for more services, more training, more plug-ins, more training on those plug-ins until you die. ERP software is a FRAUD. It was never designed to solve a problem, it was designed to keep creating new problems and turn your business into a cash cow for the greedy monsters.

It has got completely Insane useless reports. You spend your life bumbling around with fields & figures until you wake up and realize that it’s easier to shoot yourself. Managers, marketers and business owners pull their hair out trying to make sense of these dazzling dashboards which are of use to absolutely no one. They are scared that if they don’t understand them, they will be considered stupid. Trust us, you are not stupid, the ERP system is.

The cost of ensuring that your company is compliant is going to put an already impossible system out of the price range for most businesses. Goodbye ERP: Rest in Pieces.

That is just rubbish. I have worked with so many great companies who still run off simple old-fashioned databases & spreadsheets. And guess what? They are doing just fine, very well, thanks for asking.

ERP is built on a lie. Top players in the ERP software industry are power hungry control freaks with a specific agenda: convince the world that, without an ERP, your business will die.

FACT: If a business has great vision, great products and a customer orientated approach to sales, it will be successful with or without an ERP system. I have seen companies successfully throw away their ERP and go back to using Excel, Google Docs and good old-fashioned business ways.

There is definitely a solution;

Conventional ERP logic dictates that building your business around customer data is critical. This logic is wrong.

Get away from ‘ERP software’ and focus on great Old-fashioned ways!

I can tell you right now that using just 10% of the software will rock your business. Alas, you will never know which 10%! Think about it, software should help you transform your business into greater heights, and not burden you with admin. Your staff will love & embrace a software that uplifts their businesses.

I’ll say it again: “serve the message, not the data!” First, get your Business strategy right and then implement only those bits of software that will serve that strategy. Do this and your ERP system will grow itself and every jigsaw will fall into your puzzle.

Suddenly our clients are enjoying response rates much higher than the industry average. Their staff give us hugs as we visit their office. It’s been a revolution of thinking which is why we needed to get this off our chest and share it with you today. It has taken us a really good amount of time to have the guts to say “Goodbye ERP” and “hello great Old-fashioned business systems!”. Yeah, we have witnessed a countless number of ERP software implementations go wrong and from the dust we have put up a platform where we are fully packed, to serve your businesses like never before.

Decide and Make the Old version of business systems count. Let the business start to breathe on its own, don’t let the old ways eat you or your business up. The magic of growth can be witnessed in front of your own eyes. Don’t just believe make yourself sure what is the best for your Business. So, give it a thought and act accordingly.