What is OTRAMS?

An all-in-one travel ERP solution that incorporates travel booking systems, supplier interfaces, agent management, API redistribution, dynamic packing, and other features into a simple, user-friendly interface.

OTRAMS has been enabling Travel Companies, DMCs, OTAs, Corporates, and Wholesalers to successfully manage and expand their businesses for over 16 years by offering solutions that are scalable, dependable, client friendly, growth driven, and performance oriented.

OTRAMS provides a full range of travel ERP solutions, including hotel booking systems, flight reservation systems, transfers, car rentals, tour packages, tour operator software, group bookings, and value-added services.

With 600+ inbuilt service capabilities and the greatest selection of suppliers, OTRAMS goes beyond merely tour operator software to become your ideal companion in expanding your travel business. 200,000+ travel agencies from 200+ countries have utilised the platform’s strong design and securely hosted platform with success.

If you wish to take your existing travel business online, increase the services you offer, or establish a new travel business, OTRAMS should be your choice technology partner to help you achieve your goals.

Software Key Features:

To suit the needs of travel agencies, guests, and passengers, the programme incorporates a contemporary and dynamic system. It provides calendar management, Google application connections, alerts, customer management, and other services adapted to the needs of each organisation. The programme has capabilities that are both versatile and secure. It is equipped with a: 

Hotel Booking System  

  hotel reservation system   OTRAMS provides a quick and adaptable hotel booking system, allowing users to meet the demands of their business as well as their guests. 
  • Allows customers to make immediate reservations using their mobile phones or the online. 
  • Real-time information regarding room availability and cost is provided to visitors. 
  • Supports a variety of languages and allows guests to make bookings in a variety of currencies. 
  • Reservations are kept track of and can be cancelled. The system creates sub-agent users for credit assigned to agents. 
  • OTRAMS has upgraded daily reporting. 
  • Security measures that ensure the safety of data exchanges. 

Flight Booking System 

  flight reservation system   The system provides a comprehensive platform from which users can simply handle bookings, ticket reservations, inventory, and agent control. Using OTRAMS: 
  • Users may book multi-stop or multi-city flights with complete fare summaries. 
  • The system displays travel and hotel alternatives, flight facts, ticket restrictions, and luggage information. 
  • Travelers may sort and filter their chosen departure time, layover duration, journey duration, and other factors. 
  • Passengers may choose their seats and examine their booking data, as well as print electronic tickets. 
  • The flight reservation system generates financial and reservation information for users. 

Car Rental Reservation System 

  online car rental reservation software   Through Extensible Markup Language (XML) links with key providers, OTRAMS delivers online car rental reservation services It offers a variety of advantages to its customers, including: 
  • The technology connects to Hertz, Europcar, and other major vehicle rental companies in real time. 
  • Users benefit from the integration of OTRAMS with other travel services since it makes their lives easier and more convenient. 
  • The technology can produce quotations quickly and easily. 
  • OTRAMS provides users and consumers with real-time car availability. 
  • Customers may rent automobiles via the programme at any time and from any location. 
  • Promotions and discount prices are catered for by the system. 

Dynamic Packaging Software 

  dynamic packaging   OTRAMS offers a dynamic packaging module that streamlines the activities of all sizes of travel organisations. The following are the software's features: 
  • Users may package and sell a variety of things. 
  • The programme supports both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) sales models. 
  • It offers a method for users to sell packages via feeds from various networks. 
  • Itineraries, invoices, vouchers, and bills may be created by travel agencies and users. 
  • Users may use the programme to properly handle markups and commissions. 

Tour Operator Software 

A centralised management system is provided by the OTRAMS tour operator software. Using cutting-edge technology, the programme provides seamless integrations for improved performance, productivity, and efficiency. The technology also makes travel clients' lives easier with its clear and straightforward user interface. OTRAMS allows users to handle everything in one location and in the simplest way possible. Users can use the programme to: 
  • Make the itinerary quoting process more efficient. 
  • Respond to queries as soon as possible, from anywhere and at any time. 
  • Provide expert documentation. 
  • Produce reports on business intelligence. 
  • Reduce your overhead expenses. 
  • With integrated cloud hosting, which is an optional feature, you may eliminate server expenditures and management. 

Group Booking Software 

OTRAMS helps users to handle group reservations successfully. Even if these are administered offline, users may track them as part of their reports and accounts using the programme. Users may also utilise the system to open or close scheduling at a predetermined time to minimise overbooking. Users can utilise the system to: 
  • Keep track of booking information for large gatherings. 
  • Provide modules depending on quotations. 
  • Ensure safe online payment. 
  • Manage meeting, incentive, conferencing, and exhibition reservations. 

Transfer Booking Engine 

OTRAMS also offers a smart transfer system that allows travel agents to schedule passenger vehicle transfers. It has several features, including: 
  • The system is compatible with the majority of payment gateways and websites, and bookings may be paid for using different payment methods. 
  • Customers can select their chosen car type and pick between shared and private transports. 
  • The programme creates intelligence reports and provides users with insights into how the firm is performing. 

Miscellaneous Booking Services 

OTRAMS capabilities go beyond flights, hotels, and car services; the software also allows users to give clients with a variety of stand-alone services that may be linked to their booking. This might take the shape of requests for a ride in a certain vehicle, an unique meal at a restaurant, or other activities designed to provide consumers with a memorable tour experience. 

Mobile Support


Mobile Platform

IOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Black Berry

Desktop OS Support

Web App, Windows, Macintosh

Multi Language Support


API Support

Yes - API Available

Technical Support

Phone Support, Chat Support, Email Support, Video Tutorials, Knowledge Base

Is it cloud based?


Software Suites for?

Small Business, Medium Sized Business, Large Business

Who are the main OTRAMS users?
Travel agencies, B2B travel, and hotel wholesalers are the primary consumers of this service.
What is the most common use for OTRAMS?
OTRAMS is a hotel and travel booking system that operates online.
What platforms is OTRAMS compatible with?
This is a web-based programme with mobile apps for Android and iOS.
Does OTRAMS provide guides, tutorials, or customer service?
Yes, Live support, email support, phone support, and webinars are all available.
Is OTRAMS compatible with other apps?
It is compatible with Trip Advisor, Facebook, and Twitter.
Is there an API available from OTRAMS?
Travel XML API Integration is available from OTRAMS.

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Buyer’s Guide – ERP Software

An ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning software deals with business management functions that are housed within the organization. It takes care of all the back office operations and integrates with mobile devices. The best feature of ERP systems is the fact that it operates in real time and is used as a common go-to platform for almost all applications. ERPs are the next big thing as many roles and responsibilities are being included in the systems from project management to human resources management. ERPs give the most effective solution to perform business processes in a simpler way.


The term ‘ERP’ when googled, gives multiple meanings to a single abbreviation. Understanding that there is a single software platform to keep your business running is overwhelming. From account management, financing, CRM, human resources, inventory and order management, ERP systems integrate everything under one roof and serve them in a plate. Rather than investing in many software solutions for your business, investing in ERP systems makes it a lot easier to understand roles and functionalities and is also easier on your pockets. While ERPs were bought by large scale industries previously, it is now preferred the most by SMBs. With the emergence of Cloud ERP, these systems are fit for businesses large and small. A business can benefit from ERP systems in uncountable ways and we shed some light on the most prominent ones:

1.  Real-time data

Wiping out the need for stressful spreadsheets of data and a large storage space that holds data that is no longer useful, ERPs generate real-time data. This enables managers and organizations to take proactive approaches to business problems. Analyzing business processes thoroughly before getting your hands wet is a good approach to using ERP systems.

2.  Automation

A more cost-effective way of running a business, is automating processes than employing thousands of employees to do a repetitive task. This leads to more efficiency in calculations and predictions. Since, almost all of the jobs are revolving around automation, ERP systems allows you to produce faster, reliable and fault-free information.

3.  Flexibility

The need to integrate to multiple systems comes with a lot of drawbacks. The ability to store data on Cloud provides 24/7 access to data as well as increased security. ERP software provide solutions based on the size of the business, role and the market conditions.

Cloud ERP Vs. On-Premise ERP

The two main advantages of Cloud ERP involves the flexibility towards the size of the organization and cost reduction with increased data storage. Security is also a matter of debate as On-Premise ERPs installed in an organization’s system may pose future threat. When information is stored in the cloud, it can be accessed anywhere, anytime as opposed to On-Premise ERP. Cloud ERP eliminates the need to maintain large database systems and update them from time to time. Cloud or On-Premise, ERPs are definitely a bonus to your business and analyzing your business processes will keep you on the right track.

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