How Can I Compare Software?

You can compare any type software from any categories. Click Here for tutorials.

How can i claim software listing?

Yes, You can claim your own software using claim option in our website. Click here for demo.

Can I change my listing after it published?

Yes, You can change your listing any time by login our portal using your user id and password.

What enquiry will be shared with us?

We will share all software enquiries received from your product page. if you have paid listing, We will share all enquiries related to your categories along with you product enquiry.

Will you charge anything for multiple software listing?

No, You can add multiple listing for free of cost. If you would like you also can go for paid feature listing.

How many days it will take to publish software once its submitted?

Immediately once you submitted, Sometimes It will take 1-2 working days depends on the number of software submission.

Do you offer paid listing?

Yes, We offer paid advertising campaign such as featured ads, Pay per enquiry and more.

How do you promote us?

if you are a featured listing customer, We will recommend your software to our visitors and also we will do email marketing, SEO, Social Media Promotion and Blogging for your software pages.