With the fast development in technology, there are many instances that the latest item in the market gets outdated in a matter of weeks. If you’re the type to keep pace with the latest technological trends, the fast-paced development can become exhausting. However, being up to date with the newest product in the market doesn’t apply to some equipment, including the continued use of fax machines in businesses. 

Faxing documents started way back in the early 19th century by Alexander Bain, using two pendulums from a clock and a cylinder. Even then, technology has developed so quickly, by providing you options and efficiency.

People might be wondering why is faxing still relevant in the businesses today. Here are some facts that can answer that question.

What You Need To Know

There are dozens of ways for people around the globe to communicate, and there could be a lot more in development. For many people, it must be confusing how faxing documents is still carried out even with the rise of other latest and updated technological equipment. Here are some details about faxing that may clear up your questions:

1. Has Different Mediums

Before the 2000s, faxing is mainly done through a phone line. Here, the document you’ve sent will be received by the other end after a few minutes. But now, you have innovation to thank for broadening your options. 

Instead of simply using a phone line like before, Metrofax and many fax software are programmed to be accessible through mediums, such as mobile faxing applications, web interface, and emails.

Since all the latest technology is accessible online, such as fax services by ifax, it makes sense to apply this feature to faxing, making it more convenient and accessible.

2. Assures Security

It can be frustrating if uncontrollable circumstances happen while executing a task that relies on power and internet. Other forms of communication don’t have any feature that indicates whether or not your message was received, making you wonder its status as of that moment.

Compared to emails, confirming your message as soon as it’s received is a feature only exclusive to faxing software. It’s why so many business-to-business (B2B) transactions are done through faxes throughout the years.  

Emails are the digital equivalent of traditionally sending mail before, but there’s no assurance that the receiver got your message unless they reply. In faxing, there is always proof that the document went through, and that the other party can’t deny that they received it. This way, sending messages could even be done by any data management technology you have in your organization.  

Another thing you don’t have to worry about anymore is having the documents decrypted by an unauthorized third party. Fax software can assure you it encrypts and protects whatever message is transmitted.

3. Can Send Handwritten Documents

Faxing is personalized in a way that it still enables the human touch and is easy to use even for people who are not technologically updated.. A great example is when a signature is needed urgently for a document then faxing is the faster way to accomplish this. By sending the copy over to the recipient, and they can easily send it back with their signature immediately.  

No more traveling to your signee to get their signature in person. All you have to do is input their fax number, and send it to them right away for signing and just wait for it to be sent back. 

On the other hand, faxing handwritten documents could be extremely helpful for those whose languages are logographic instead of Western alphabets, like Japan or Korea. Since their characters are so diverse, the meaning behind their message could be lost in translation. The sender could write their message by hand for better context and have it faxed without any problem.

4. Already Integrated

As mentioned earlier, because faxing has gone along with the advancements in technology, it has already imprinted its online presence. Given how much it adapted to the platforms on the internet it’s not impossible to access and facilitate faxing anywhere and anytime through your phone by installing the application needed.

Sending Message

Technology can never be where it is right now if it wasn’t for its roots. By acknowledging its origins, only then could it improve innovatively and efficiently. Faxing software is an excellent example of adapting to the modern world. Although it’s programmed to accommodate any medium, the essence of faxing is still retained up to this day.