When implementing large projects, we often face the challenge of choosing the best interactive agency on the market. Currently, thousands of people offer the service of creating a web design – from freelancers to experienced companies with several years of experience. Establishing cooperation with an interactive agency is often associated with high costs and a large investment, which is crucial for the development of a given project. In that case, how can we reduce the risk of failure and choose a web design company that 100% meets our expectations?

Starting our initial research we should follow a simple method: “we do not go to the hairdresser who does not have a good hairstyle”. If an interactive agency does not have an original, well-presented website itself, it should be a clear warning for us. Many web design companies explain that they don’t have time to refresh and update their site. This is a sign of a lack of professionalism, which unfortunately we can experience ourselves when working with a low-quality interactive agency.

 What should you pay special attention to?


This is the first element that we should undoubtedly pay attention to. Each self-respecting interactive agency has an extensive portfolio. Increasingly, we can see logos of such brands like Microsoft, Google or IBM in Polish companies in this tab – however, it is worth paying attention to the type and duration of implementation here.

The logos of large brands such as Google or Microsoft look great in the portfolio, but often projects implemented for such giants are associated with low responsibility and a limited scope of interactive agency activities. It is also worth asking yourself which of the projects presented in the portfolio still function and are current.

When looking at the portfolio, it is worth analyzing the industries in which the interactive agency has experience. For example, if you want to create an online store with clothes, it is worth seeing whether the company with which you plan to cooperate has previously implemented projects in this industry.

Customers opinion

Let’s remember that a good interactive agency will have no reason to hide its clients’ opinions. Often, it can be a simple tab where customers publish their recommendations. Another way to get information about a given interactive agency is by email/phone to the clients listed in the portfolio.

Of course, before contacting the company’s clients directly, you should ask if they have anything against this type of activity. Someone who offers high-quality services should not have any objections. During the conversation with previous clients, it is worth asking about contact efficiency, delivery time, the possibility of corrections and the company’s availability. These are the most important aspects that will allow us to build a kind of image of future cooperation.

First contact

The first impression is the last – this principle should be followed when establishing contact with an interactive agency. Competent interactive agencies are aware of high competitiveness, which is why we should receive feedback within a maximum of 3 working days.

If we are dealing with a leading company, then we can expect questions about the website and customer requirements. These can be questions about the purpose of the site, its scale, target group, budget and many other aspects necessary for the valuation of the service. For tenders, we should expect an attractive presentation of the offer. The best interactive agencies present their offer in the form of a dedicated presentation, which takes into account the project implementation process,


Another aspect that is worth paying attention to is the number of implemented projects and the agency’s seniority. If the company has been on the market for +5 years and has completed over 100 projects, we can be sure that we are talking with a competent contractor who can fully accomplish the task. If the company has been operating for several years, it means that it still has customers and is constantly developing.

It is also worth paying attention to the scope of activities of the interactive agency. Theoretically, it may seem that agencies implementing projects for foreign clients have more experience and will be able to do their job better than companies that focus only on the Polish market. This is not entirely true, so it is worth asking specific questions about the scope of the agency’s activities in a given project.


It is worth getting as much information as possible on the topic of the team that will be responsible for the implementation of your project. Such information can be obtained directly from the person responsible for contacting the client, however, more developed agencies have the appropriate tab, which at least minimally brings us a team of specialists.

If the company is armed with a team of graphic designers, UX designers, copywriters and web development services, we can be sure that our service will be performed 100% professionally.


What technological solutions does the agency use? Are they open to open-source solutions or do they provide their technology? Each of these solutions has its pros and cons, however, by asking questions about the technology we want to get a clear picture of the vision of implementing the project. A company that knows its stuff will immediately show us its technological background and show us how it can be used to implement our project.