82% of the global traffic on the internet came from video alone in 2022. 

Producing and consuming videos is becoming increasingly easy and accessible for people today.

Be it for education, entertainment, or marketing, videos give a 3D look and feel to things that pictures and text cannot quite do. They can be blended with other forms of content to spice it up and engage viewers.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the different ways in which you can create engaging videos using cutting-edge technology. You may use it to market your products or create personal content. 

Let’s get started.

How to create engaging videos using cutting-edge software

An average person currently spends 86 minutes per day watching videos

This number is on track to become 100 minutes per day. 

And believe us or not, it has led to over in on popular video platforms, such as YouTube in their strategies. 

However, you can only leverage the power of video when you create engaging videos regularly. Your video needs to be:

  • high-quality,
  • easy to follow, 
  • comprehensive and succinct, and
  • contain a compelling message for your viewers to connect with. 

These’re the kind of videos an audience resonates with and comes back to again and again. 

If you’re looking to create high-quality videos in a short span on a regular basis, there’re plenty of software solutions that can help you with it.

You may either use the software to take care of the entire video production process from start to finish, or use solutions that focus on a specific aspect of video production to enhance the quality of the video.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to create engaging video content using cutting-edge software.

1. Creating videos with AI presenters

Creating high-quality videos from scratch has become accessible and easy with the introduction of cutting-edge software. You don’t need actors, production crews, and camera equipment to create training videos.

All you need is to create a script about the topic you wish to educate your audience about. Synthesia’s video presentation software will take care of the rest. It’ll give you the option to choose an AI voice and a human-looking presenter

The presenter will read the script made by you in a video created by the software. It’ll save you time, resources, and allow you to create a number of high-quality videos in no time. You may create them for training purposes, or to educate the viewer about a topic or product.

Videos with AI presenters engage an audience as they can look at a human interacting with them instead of stock footage that might not hold their interest. Moreover, an avatar that looks like the audience (their community, color, or race) makes them want to connect with them.

Given below are the steps to create engaging videos with AI presenters:

Create a script 

You may create the script for the topic at hand on your own or generate it with the AI tool that’s embedded in the software itself.

Choose an avatar

Choose an AI avatar of choice. This includes choosing their look, voice, tone, and micro gestures such as head shaking and scratching their head. 

Choose your preferred language

Pick the language of choice you want to create the video in.

Select a template

The software offers over 60 templates to choose from. They’ll give your video a designated look and feel that’ll enhance its quality without you defining every detail.

Touch it up

Add pictures, videos, music, and any other details that’ll help fine-tune the video.

And you’re done. You’ve your video with a human-like presenter presenting engaging content ready in minutes.

2. Creating videos with human presenters

Another way to create engaging video content with software is by creating videos with real human presenters. 

The process goes the same as it does in the above point with AI presenters. But here we use human presenters instead of AI.

This would mean that you’d need camera steups to record the video and then editing software to edit it later. This is admittedly a more challenging route than the one with AI presenters. But it can prove to be more fruitful in some cases.

Using human presenters can be more beneficial when the topic at hand needs a more detailed or more flexible explanation. The human presenter can be an expert on the topic and can come up with instant impromptu examples to explain things better.

Moreover, a human presenter can help add a unique tone and familiarity to content that AI would not. The video will feel more personal to viewers and they’d be more willing to engage with it.

Follow these steps to create a stunning video with human presenters:

Write a script 

Once again, you may write a script on your own or have a software write it. Since you’ll have a human presenter, you may only write the important points and let them improvize the content. 

Pick a presenter

Select a presenter for your video. You may do it yourself, pick a friend or family member, or hire someone to do it.

Record the video

For this, you’ll need a place that is quiet and has a decent background, a camera, and a mic. You may record with a camera or a phone and can use a mobile phone as a mic in lieu of a microphone. 

Edit the video

Use a software that’ll help enhance the video with exciting editing. It’ll help you keep the video concise, to the point, and add additional information to make it more informative. 

3. Creating high-quality videos with engaging editing

Editing plays a monumental role in the eventual quality of a video. 

The way you edit a video determines how engaging it’ll be for the audience. No matter how interesting the video content is, if it’s not edited right, it could lose the interest of the audience

Software solutions help you edit videos to make them succinct and optimal in getting their point across and engaging the desired audience. Firstly, they help you trim the footage to the right length while maintaining cohesiveness.

Secondly, they help you add extra bits that can help bridge the gaps between cuts or provide extra value. Lastly, you can add little details that’ll help you make the video pop, such as color contrast, or animations in some scenes.

Choosing the right editing software is key to producing high-quality video content. Many people like to use one software for all things video. However, we recommend having a dedicated video editing software as it can help you hone in on the finer details.

Here are some tips to help you ace video editing with your software tools:

  • Start your videos with an engaging hook, usually the most important part of the video, and then begin the video. It makes the audience want to stay.
  • Use jump cuts as much as you can. It keeps the video succinct and flowing without wasting the audience’s time.
  • Always subtitle your videos as it helps you reach a much wider audience and capture their attention right from the get-go.
  • Pay attention to the brightness and other visual effects of the video. Tweak it to create an ambient atmosphere in the video. 

4. Creating videos from templates

Using templates is an excellent way to create high-quality videos with limited time and resources

It’s also a great way for beginners to start making video content as it gives them a platform to begin instead of doing it from scratch.

When you create videos from scratch, and especially when you’re a beginner, it’s possible that the resulting video is meandering and not very engaging. This is because you lack an anchor to follow. By using templates provided by a software, you get directions to follow.

It helps you create content that is much more contained, crisp, and engaging. The software will provide a variety of templates you can simply drag and drop to your workspace and create a video of your choice.

Having a predefined template spares you the work of locking in the specific details of the video. Alternatively, you may add and remove details of your liking to build on a template and create something unique. 

Use software to create AI avatars or perform top-notch editing to create engaging videos

The availability of cutting-edge software has revolutionized the way we create engaging videos. 

These tools offer unprecedented visual enhancements, advanced editing capabilities, AI-powered automation, and accessibility for all. 

Whether you’re a professional filmmaker, a marketer, or an aspiring content creator, embracing these technological advancements can elevate your video production and captivate your audience in an increasingly competitive digital landscape. 

Therefore, seize the opportunity, harness the power of cutting-edge software, and let your creativity shine through the art of video-making. And don’t forget to add exciting editing bits to keep the audience on their toes and wanting more.