Sometimes, there’s the need to hack somebody’s phone. Maybe if you’re a parent who wants to know what’s inside your kid’s phone, basic hacking could be the best option you have. What’s interesting is that you can also do remote hacking on your iPhone as well.

But remember, the hacking we’re talking about here isn’t something that may ruin others’ lives. Instead of making anyone suffer by stealing and configuring their data instead, we want to recommend – the best program for monitoring someone’s phone for work or safety reasons.

If you want to remotely hacking iPhone, follow the steps below:

Why Would You Want to Hack an iPhone?

As we mentioned earlier, people want to know how to hack iPhones remotely for many reasons (outside of the crime, of course). If you’re an employer, you can monitor your employees’ phones to ensure that no one is spreading your company’s private data online.

It has become necessary for parents to make their kids’ devices safe. Thus, if the parents hack the iPhone remotely, they may gain all the necessary information, including chats, contacts, calls, and even browsing history. If your kids are still underage, monitoring apps will be handy.

How to Hack iPhones Remotely

If you want to learn how to hack someone’s iPhone remotely, there are some methods you can consider. First, by using the monitoring apps.

Install Spy Apps

The spying or monitoring apps generally work by sending you the necessary information from the target phone. Sometimes, they also have some other useful features, including the GPS location tracker, alert notification, and more.

Now, let us talk about one of the best monitoring apps out there called This app is considered one of the best monitoring tools that many people use today. It packs several useful features, such as:

1. mAssistance

mAsssiatcne will make the installation process a lot easier. Users won’t have any problems installing mSpy thanks to this feature. If you have questions about how the app works and what you should do to make it effective, feel free to contact customer support.

2. Multilingual website also supports multip;e languages. Simply click the language button, and pick the country.

3. Screen recorder

If you find something worth saving or screen-capturing, also has a feature for it called Screen Recorder. As you may expect, this feature will record everything that’s going on the screen.

4. iPhone tracking without jailbreak

Using is still possible even without doing a jailbreak. But remember, the features are limited on this version, but it’s safer since you don’t have to change anything on your phone.

5. Frequent data updates

To make sure the users always get the most recent data, also applies frequent data updates that are usually done every 5 minutes.

Use Apple ID

The simplest method to remote hack an iPhone is by using the Apple ID. Yes, by obtaining the iPhone credentials, you can even log into their account yourself. But, this method is considered very risky since you need to have physical access to the phone. Plus, gaining Apple ID details isn’t as quick as you’ve imagined.

Use Phone Recovery Stick

And the last method here is by using the Phone Recovery Stick. If you ever wonder about the answer to how to hack someone’s iPhone without having their phone, this tool can probably be the solution, though it’s not a very convenient one. Connect the target phone and the stick to the same desktop. The stick will then make a recovery file automatically, although the process is quite long.

It takes around 10 to 15 minutes to finish, so it’s definitely risky. If you just want to use the tool for recovery, it’s still really usable.


And that’s some methods to hack an iPhone remotely. Out of all the methods we’ve just explained, we highly recommend using the spying apps instead, which are not too hard to obtain. Although some of them require you to pay a bit, the much better features and functionalities will always be worth the price.