If you have been trying your luck with PPC marketing and it was your first time, you may have noticed that things are a bit different than using other digital marketing types. However, this difficulty does not indicate that the whole idea is ineffective.

It is more likely that you have been missing some key aspects. That is completely understandable as nobody can become an expert from the very start.

This article will be a great source of tips that will make your next campaign a lot better. If you are looking to finally see some great results, you will certainly want to continue reading.


When you do not succeed at first, do not think of it as a negative thing. This is a great learning experience that will make you much better at PPC later on. And you can make use of things like a Google ads coupon from Clever Ads so that there is more room for failure and you are not as upset because whatever you would have spent in real money does not end up being a waste. 

Realistic Expectations

One area that so many newcomers fail in is setting themselves up for failure because of expectations that they are unable to meet. Spend a bit more time researching how much other companies are spending and what they are capable of achieving. Be more humble when you are doing it yourself and slowly grow from there. Good things will come to those who are patient, and the more motivation you have, the longer you will be able to last.

Tracking and Analytics

After you are done with a couple of campaigns, you should have more than just experience. The data you collect during that time will be of great use in the future. Every new campaign should be better than the previous one, and one of the best ways to ensure that is learning from analytics. 

Look at how good or bad you fared in certain areas and plan adjustments according to that information. 

Landing Page

Some people might believe that the goal is to get people to click on the ad and once they end up on a landing page, everything will solve automatically. Well, the reality is quite different.

If you expect to turn visitors to paying customers this way, you can forget about it immediately. This sort of strategy is no longer effective. Your landing page needs to be exactly what the ad promises.

There is no real need to create something fancy. A simple, minimalistic landing page will do just fine. Make sure that your bounce rate is in a good spot and that you do not get penalized by Google.


Picking the right keywords is difficult, but your campaign will not be that good without them. Try to aim for something that is not generic since you will have a much tougher time thanks to all the competition.

Unique, longtail keywords are the best, and every extra minute you spend researching them will bring that much closer to creating the ultimate AdWords campaign. 

Writing an Ad Copy

It needs to be said that Google is testing some new ad platforms that focus on visuals. In other words, brands can advertise their products using images. However, when it comes to AdWords, you will have to write a compelling ad copy.

Mastering copywriting is definitely one of those things that very few are capable of achieving. If you feel like your copies are not up to par and lack something, consider using some writing enhancement tools or hiring a freelancer who specializes in them. Finding a copywriter should not be a problem as there are quite a few of them on LinkedIn, UpWork, Fiverr, and other similar platforms.


Looking at what your competition ads are like should also be something work considering. They should not be something to completely copy, but it may work as a reference source, especially when you are struggling to come up with something on your own due to a lack of creativity. 

Demographics and Geotargeting

Demographics depend on what kind of product or services you are selling. If it is something for younger generations, you will want to create ads that are meant for them.

Geotargeting is another feature that you need to use. It might be better to target a very specific area rather than an entire city or country. Again, these things should be tested to determine what brings you the best ROI.

Scheduling Ads

After you do some testing, you should notice that there are certain timeframes in which your ads are performing much better. There is no need to have your ads active 24/7 every day of the week. Save some of your money by figuring out when running ads makes the most sense.