The effects that this COVID-19 pandemic has brought to our life is huge. We all are avoiding human touch,living in self-isolation, and spending our quarantine at home to protect ourselves from this dangerous Coronavirus. But that’s the least we can do to slow down the spread of the virus, as the crisis viciously leaves a ripple effect among various industries such as travel & tourism, retail, textile, restaurants, and hotels around the globe. The main object behind the economic slowdown of these industries is the norms of social distancing that are being implied by the governments.

The food industry across the globe is going through a dark phase especially the newly opened city restaurants. The motive of restaurants in these tough times is getting more complex as they want to deliver meals to the folks who are working from home along with maintaining the limited food supply.

Let’s face it, restaurants, bars, and hotels are going to be empty for a long time. Just because customers aren’t coming inside that doesn’t mean they can’t generate revenue, still there are a lot of options available to enhance the sales of the business. One of the ways is online food delivery. Now the motive of online food delivery services becomes more significant during this challenging time. Folks who are working from home want restaurants to deliver food safely to them on time. This is the perfect time for the restaurant to think out of the box and integrate some unique services in their modules to offer a pleasant food experience.

The aim of restaurants in these tough times should be on the enhancement of the user’s experience. Restaurant owners need to take some bold steps to stay ahead in the business. Here below I listed some strategies that can help you sustain or grow your business during this pandemic.

1. Serving your customers should be your purpose:

Customer satisfaction is the topmost priority. If you want to outdo during this time of crisis, your food storage places are safe and sanitized all the time. If customers are sure that the delivered food is safe, then it will definitely build credibility between you and your customers. Now I’ll be listing some effective methods that can help you keep your business customer-friendly.

  • Each corner of your restaurant is sanitized and germs-free especially the area where you prepare food is also 100% sanitized.
  • Build a bond between you and customers to be in touch with them through the website or food delivery app.
  • You need to keep your users informed about the delivery status, estimated delivery time, and other updates.
  • Develop trust between your customers by showing them how you are following guidelines and delivering the food safely to the customers.
  • Restaurant owners need to keep a sharp eye on the working methods of staff members just to prevent the spread of the deadly virus.
  • Make your services 24/7 so you can fulfill your customer’s requirements anytime they want.
  •  Add beverages, cold drinks, and other items in your meals that customers love to have.
  • Gloves and masks should be compulsory for your staff members and if possible provide no-contact delivery.
  • User Interface of your app should be easy to access and simple for users so that they can easily contact you.
  • Keep posting your daily business activities on your social media handles to let your customer know more about your business.

2.     Use of product-centric approach to showcase your brand value

The perception of food varies according to individuals. For health-conscious people, food is all about nutrition, for poor people food is just to fill up their tummies, and for most people food is like love, they want to cherish each bite of their delicious meal. In this pandemic scenario, the minimum you can do as a restaurant owner is to provide your customer with a delicious meal that they can apprize. When it comes to fulfilling the customer’s appetite, you need to make some changes in meals. Now, some significant changes that you can follow is a product-centric approach to your business.

  • Tight packaging of the food should be the topmost priority of the food delivery business as spilled food delivery creates a negative impact on your business.
  •  It is important to keep the food in a container where you can maintain the temperature while you are delivering the food to the address.
  • Small gestures towards your loyal customers will not cost you much. You can offer them a sweet dish, dessert,and additional food items.
  • Integrating promotional codes on first orders meals help you enhance the overall reach of your business.

3. Collaboration with trending food delivery apps to your customers:

I can add on hundreds of services that you can provide to your customers, but the most significant service that you can provide is the availability of what they actually want. Restaurant aggregator apps let you to:

·         Sign up/login for free or at a minimal fee.

·         Look for the users who want to enjoy the perks of your services.

·         Fulfills customers need by delivering them the food they demand.

Taking your restaurant online and leveling up your services:

By launching your restaurant website or application, you can take your restaurant online. By doing this you allow customers to order their favorite cuisines from the comfort of their home. There are other features, perks that you can offer to people just by taking your business online are: online ordering, location tracker, expand your target audience reach.


COVID-19 transforms our surroundings be it individuals, families, society, and businesses. Till the time, we don’t have any vaccines, social distancing and self-isolation is the new normal. But during this hard time, restaurant owners need to be humble and spread positive vibes through their Food delivery app development. They need to build a bond with customers by helping them in times of crisis.