Software can be used in almost every business: from healthcare to hospitality, retail to wholesale and beyond, there’s a solution for every organisation.

Whether you’re looking for a generic solution for businesses or an industry specific software product, this diverse industry can help you.

For many companies operating in the physical world, it can be hard to see how a product that runs on a computer can help them. This means that they’re often slow to take up using software, and as a result miss out on the many benefits that these innovative, cutting-edge solutions have to offer.

One market that could benefit from using more software to streamline its operations is the commercial mechanical contracting market. Firms could drastically improve the amount of work they’re able to take on, increase their profitability and much more.

With so many software solutions on the market, it can be hard to find the one that suits your organisation or understand how software can benefit your company.

If you’d like to find out more about how software solutions can be used to optimise your commercial contracting or services business, then read on.

Make The Client Onboarding Process Easier

When you look at tendering or bringing in a new client, you need the process to be smooth and stress-free, so they know that they can rely on your firm for all their commercial needs. For example, Ensign offers mechanical estimating software that can make the process of providing an estimate for a job easy and efficient. Their software has been designed to help specific contractors, so you can save time with helpful features designed to complement your workflow. The result is impressed prospective clients who’ll know that you’re an efficient, commercially-minded mechanical contractor.

Track Your Fleet

Growing commercial contracting businesses often have dozens of vehicles out on the road at any one time, meaning it can be hard to keep track of them all manually. Fleet management solutions can allow you to track your vehicles, review their estimated arrival time and more, so you’ll always know where each and every one of your firm’s vehicles is. This knowledge makes customer support, expenses claiming, and internal communication all much easier and more efficient. Your company can offer completely accurate arrival times to customers, which is important when working in the commercial mechanical contracting market, as many of your clients rely on you to get their business-critical machinery back in working order.

Map And Organise The Entire Customer Journey

There are many steps between bringing a client onboard and completing their job, and each one involves multiple contacts. As such, it can be hard for commercial mechanical contracting firms to successful map and manage their customer journey. CRM software can help you to do this by integrating every aspect of each customer’s journey, including every interaction they have with your team, and showing it in a clear format. As a result, you’ll be certain that you and your team never repeat information to a client or miss any part of their order. The result is a smooth process that will be efficient for your company and your client.

Order Parts And Review Inventory

As a commercial mechanical contractor, you’ll need to manage any stock you keep to ensure your costs are controlled as efficiently as possible; above all you need to avoid wasting money on ordering materials you already have in stock. Because your clients are businesses too, they’ll expect a quick service, so that they can remain profitable and continue to offer their clients the products and solutions they need. Manually tracking your orders, deliveries and what you currently have in stock can be a challenge. Project management systems and other software products can help you to keep track of all the parts you already have, the ones you have on order, and when they’ll be delivered. It can even automatically notify you when your stock of a particular part runs low, so you can order it again before you completely run out.

Manage Online Reviews

Every business needs an online presence, but it can be hard to keep track of every mention your company gets. In some cases, this may mean that negative comments go unnoticed and un-responded to. Review management software can scan the internet for mentions of your company or website, then allow you to respond to any reviews that you may receive on platforms such as Google Reviews, Trustpilot and more. Using these solutions will save you time and manpower, whilst still allowing you to track and manage your firm’s online reputation.

Digitalise Your Payroll With Cutting-Edge Software

Payroll can be a time-consuming task, particularly when you’ve got a number of different employees to deal with, each with individual working hours, contracts and expenses. Software solutions can digitalise your payroll process, meaning that you can input the data throughout the month, then review the result just before payday. Rather than scrambling around right before the end of the month, you’ll be able to get your payroll organised with very little fuss, leaving more time for you and your staff to do what you do best: supporting your clients.