EasyHR is a complete HR and Payroll Software to manage Employee Records, Payroll calculation & prepare WPS file with automatic calculation of allowances & deduction etc in one click. This HR Software can attach unlimited documents of employee along with their records to view them later when required urgent. EasyHR reminds for various employee document renewal like passport, visa, emirates ID, leave & appraisal due and birthdays etc along with company trade license & company vehicle renewals.

Key Features:

1. Employee Profile Management
2. Let you define the fixed part of the salary like basic salary and unlimited allowances like house rent etc once so that same information is used every month.
3. Allow you to pay or deduct the non-standard amount (like telephone charges) in the payroll.
4. Calculate payroll (including Allowances, Deduction, Loan Installments & leave etc) automatically.
5. Print pay-slip for all employees with one click or you may print individual pay-slips.
6. Based on salary calculations, software generates WPS compliance Sheet automatically and saves in .SIF format. Software also has option to export WPS sheet in excel format for you.
7. Keeps track of generated pay-slips in grouping of Months and Years.
8. Maintain records of company vehicles, Vehicle repairs and history of vehicles used by different employees.
9. Attach an Excel / Word file with each employee record to read / update later.
10. Deliver Salary Vouchers to all employees by email in one click

Other Features:

1. Dashboard with reminders for expiring documents like Passport, Visa, Leave Due & Birthday etc.
2. Maintain record of expenses & complaints of employees.
3. Printable reports for expiring documents.
4. CV kind of employee profile with complete details along with qualifications & work history etc.
5. Automatic gratuity calculation. You may define your own formula for calculation.
6. You can attach employee’s documents along with their records in picture format.
7. Software can attach unlimited documents in unlimited categories from disk or directly from scanner. Later you can print the documents or save on disk as per needs.
8. Maintains History of salary increments & annual leaves.
9. All reports are user re-designable. You may add/remove columns out of available columns. You can put your logo on all reports and Pay-slip as well.
10. Software allows you to create unlimited company & unlimited employees in each company.
11. Network ready, multi user software.
and much more functions…

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