NeeyamoWorks was launched in 2018 to create cutting-edge, future-ready HR products built to support an organizations’ global workforce no matter its size, diversity, geographic presence, or complexity.
NeeyamoWorks was created with an intention to resolve all issues pertaining to managing human resources in organizations across the globe by developing some smart and future-ready HR products. We are an industry-agnostic company that can assist all types of businesses with their local as well as global HR requirements. We offer a single platform wherein an organization can use several applications like Time, Absence, Employee Hub, Compliance, Expense, Survey, Docket, Screening, and ServiceDesk for all types of simple and complicated HR tasks. We specialize in serving the long-tail countries and all our tools are perfectly crafted for major regions like EMEA, Asia-pacific, and LATAM.

Following are some of the key products that NeeyamoWorks offers:

NeeyamoWorks Employee Hub: Instantly access all your employee information by using an HR system that is developed for the global as well as local workforces. This tool also acts as a primary system that holds all your employee records in a single repository and can be easily be integrated into other point-HR solutions.

NeeyamoWorks Time: Now monitor your employee’s time and productivity using a single time management tool. NeeyamoWorks Time is flexible, configurable with a user-friendly interface that can easily integrate with your HRIS and Payroll system.

NeeyamoWorks Absence: Easily manage and track your workforce’s leaves and absence information with a single click. NeeyamoWorks Absence can easily integrate with your HRIS and Payroll system to provide you a single and unified view.

NeeyamoWorks Compliance: Get a grip of all the statutory HR compliances by using an up-to-date compliance library that comes with an intuitive dashboard and displays timely alerts for you to stay compliant with all the new country-specific rules and regulations.

NeeyamoWorks Docket: NeeyamoWorks Docket helps automates your employee records management process to help you manage and secure your employee records in a single repository. Access your employee documents from anywhere, at any time with a click of a button.

NeeyamoWorks Expense: NeeyamoWorks Expense is a comprehensive expense management and reporting solution that will simplify and help you keep a track of all your employee’s expenses. Help your employee submit invoices on-the-go and the finance team reconcile the expenses in no time with the user-friendly solution.

NeeyamoWorks ServiceDesk: An essential self-service portal for your global workforce to help find solutions to their HR queries in no-time. The AI-enabled helpdesk solution that is extremely user-friendly and highly intuitive that provide employees with the required solution.

NeeyamoWorks Screening: A one-stop-shop solution for all your background screening needs. It is a futuristic employee background verification tool that helps in the hiring process by simplifying and speeding up the verification process with its global coverage and range of verification checks.


Software Key Features:

Some of our key features of our products are as follows: NeeyamoWorks Employee Hub:

  • Data Governance
  • Employee Data
  • Secure and Coherent Data
  • Ease of Data Consumption
NeeyamoWorks Time:
  • Multiple Time Capture
  • Compliant Configurations
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Timesheet Functionality
NeeyamoWorks Docket:
  •  Shielded Content Control
  • Centralised Database
  • Intelligent Documentation
  • Dynamic Compliance Monitoring
NeeyamoWorks Compliance:
  • ComplianceLibrary
  • Command Centre
  • Compliance Vault
  • Compliance Diagnosis
NeeyamoWorks ServiceDesk:
  • Interactive Interface
  • Knowledge Stockroom
  • Ticket Prioritization
  • Enhanced Tickets
NeeyamoWorks Pay:
  • Pre-configured
  • Multi-level Controls
  • Seamless input-output
  • Compliance Framework
  • Multi-country Gross-to-net
NeeyamoWorks Absence:
  • Manage Global Policies
  • Leave Request Management
  • Control of Leave Balances
  • Overview of Resources
  • Apply on the go
NeeyamoWorks Expense:
  • Streamlined Solution
  • Smart Workflow
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Effective Control
NeeyamoWorks Screening:
  • ATS Integration
  • One-stop Shop
  • Compliance-driven
  • Real-time Reporting


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