With the advent of latest and automated technologies, the management of any business and customer relationship has also been changed. Customer relationship software is one of those technologies which is very important for the automation of a business. There are so many types of CRM available in the market and choosing the one that is perfect for a particular business is not easy. This is the reason  why we compiled this article in order to compare two of the best CRM software available in the market-HubSpot CRM and Pipedrive CRM. Know about both the CRMs and choose the right one that will be suitable for your business.

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM is one of the leading CRM software available in the market. This is a simple CRM software that will help in catering for the businesses that are starting afresh and do not have a clear idea about the CRMs or the companies that are not using their existing CRM software perfectly. It is an easy to use platform and can be used without causing any disturbance to the existing workflow. HubSpot CRM has all the required features and the best thing about this software is the less complexity features. Most of the CRM present in the market are a little complex to understand but that is not the situation when it comes to HubSpot CRM. It is easy to understand and use. It has been certified by Google and has been appreciated by so many entrepreneurs.

With HubSpot you will be able to create beautiful contact profiles with all the required details in it. You can neatly organize the details of each and every client, assign the deals and keep a track of them too. You will be able to control the performance of your agents. The dashboard will help in catering the details of all the team members and keep the track of the activities of companies. If you have HubSpot sales software then you will be able to integrate HubSpot CRM software. Some of other such apps that can be integrated with HubSpot are Zapier, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Shopify and some other such efficient tools.

Features of HubSpot CRM

Free Software

If you just started your business and want some backup software in order to automate your business then this HubSpot CRM is the best solution for you. It is available for free for the small sized businesses so that you can use it to the fullest. It can be integrated with any other software that you want.

Linking To Other Platforms

The best benefit of HubSpot is that you can link it to any other website, social media profiles, email service providers, phone calls, etc. This way you will be able to track the clients on different types of social media platforms without any hassle.

It is Powerful as Well as Flexible

You can close more deals by doing very less work. There is no need for you to work hard in order to track each and every deal and work on it. You can just simply close the deal without much of a hassle. Apart from this HubSpot is capable of accomodating nearly 1,000,000 contacts and hence you can enter all the details regarding each and every contact easily and apart from that you will be provided with unlimited storage too. These all features make HubSpot a powerful CRM software perfect for your business.

Intuitive Integration Option

Integrating with other software is one of the main requirement of any CRM and HubSpot is flexible enough to integrate with various types of platforms. It provides a fully automation system through which you can manage all your businesses without any hassle. You will able to import the leads from your email with just one click.

Pros and Cons of HubSpot


  • The platform is very easy to understand and use. Training isn’t required.
  • The blog of HubSpot consists of a lot of knowledgeable articles which will help in educating the users.
  • HubSpot is a tool with all in one facility. You can enjoy all the benefits of software with the help of HubSpot.
  • They provide 7 day free trial with access to all the features. This will the customer to know whether they can buy the software or not.


  • The HubSpot offers a plan for one year which means you have to pay the amount for one year. Usually CRM software is used for some months but you can’t just get rid of this software before on year even if you change your mind.
  • Pricing increases rapidly. If you want to enjoy some of the best features of HubSpot you have to pay a hell lot of amount.
  • If you are ever facing any problem with the software and want to have a talk with the technical support, you have to pay for it.

PipeDrive CRM

PipeDrive is one of the best CRM software available in the market and is leader in offering the services. The CRM was built by the sales experts and the highly experienced web developers so they made sure to incorporate all the required features for the management of customer relationships in this CRM. PipeDrive organizes all the clients and customers you have in a particular way and you can prioritize them as you want. The setting up of this software won’t take much of your time and the process will be completed in just a few minutes so there is no need for you to worry about the setting up and understanding of the software. It won’t even take much of your time.

The software is user friendly and it can be integrated with so many other platforms like Google Contacts, Google Calendar, Mail. The best thing of this software that makes it to stand out of other software is its direct sales option. You will be already aware of some of the clients whose deals you want to close first, the software will help you in prioritizing them and you will be able to develop an individual approach for each of that software. You will get a perfect solution to manage all your company’s sales efficiently through the pipeline. You can negotiate a deal and even completely turn it off if you do not want to see it in your dashboard. Do not worry about the side effects. PipeDrive supports totally 13 languages and accepts wide range of currencies too.

The open API configurations helps it in blending i.e., integrating with other software seamlessly. The vendor offers the best and flexible pricing plans so that each and every company can use the PipeDrive irrespective of their size.

Features of PipeDrive

Efficient Sales Management

PipeDrive is one of  the highly reliable CRM tool for the companies. It offers several benefits and one of it is prioritizing the tasks, as you prioritize the deals, PipeDrive will make sure that you focus on certain set of deals and not on anything else. The software will provide you with the sales pipeline and gives the perfect overview of the sales of your business. It provides you with the methodology that was successful in order to boost up the sales of the business.

Well-Organized Collection of Leads

The leads are organized in a perfect manner according to their importance. The easy to use dashboard will make sure that the leads are configured perfectly. The information regarding these leads can be acquired by integrating the software with some other apps. This way there is no need for you to worry about the importing of the leads. PipeDrive will take care of everything.

Full Mobile Optimization

PipeDrive provides you an option to access your sales pipeline from anywhere you want. Yes, you heard it right. You can operate the sales pipeline through your mobile. Do not worry about the optimization option because PipeDrive software can be optimized to mobile.


With the help of PipeDrive you can customize everything. You can add new modules and delete the ones that you don’t need. When you are communicating with clients through software, you will be able to enjoy different types of editing filters, you can also share the files that you want to share with the clients on software. You can do everything on PipeDrive.

Pros and Cons of PipeDrive


  • The entire PipeDrive software is very simple and easy to use. There is no need of any special training in order to understand the software.
  • It is easy to integrate the software with email and access it from the software.
  • The software is intuitive.
  • Different ranges of pricing making it ideal for any kind of business.


  • Lack of built-in phone system
  • User cannot create customizable reports
  • There is no intelligent workflow provision that helps you in automation of sales activities.

Final Verdict

No software is designed to be perfect and cater all kinds of requirements of the users. Each CRM software has its own perks and cons too. It is very common that people consider the core functions of the software but apart from the core software it is also important to choose a software that can be integrated with various other software that is important for your business and helps in automation.