Choosing the right employee engagement platform can help your company develop a stronger culture, resulting in higher staff retention and easier hiring. 

Two out of every three millennials say their company’s mission and culture are the reasons they choose to work there. 

Companies simply cannot keep young talent without a good culture.

People analytics is becoming a more important discipline, with 71% of businesses ranking it as a top priority. 

HR may gain a better understanding of what’s going on in their company with the help of a top employee engagement solution.

Top 7 Software designed to empower teams

Employee engagement software allows firms to keep their finger on the pulse of their organization. It allows them to determine which managers require additional training, which teams are at higher risk of leaving, and how important objectives are being reached.

Keeping your employees engaged and highly motivated should be your organization’s criteria. 

In this regard, there are many tools that help in upgrading your employee engagement game. 

Below, we have discussed some of these software solutions that have been specially designed to empower corporate teams.

1. Perkbox 

Perkbox is one of the leading cloud-based employee empowerment and engagement solutions that uses employee benefit schemes, such as rewards and recognition programs in order to assist businesses to attract and engage the best talent and retain high-performing employees. The unified platform includes a benefits module that allows businesses to reward employees with freebies, brand discounts, and incentives. The entire platform follows a performance-based model.

Perkbox comes with social recognition programs, rewards programs, in-built customizable surveys, feedback management tools as well as other features. Perkbox Medical, a part of the software’s workplace wellbeing initiatives, allows customers to manage staff wellness by offering plans from NHS practitioners as well as private insurers.

Businesses can also utilize Perkbox’s recognition tool for rewarding outstanding employee performances and acknowledge their individual workplace contributions through recognition programs, surveys, and other methods.

With Perkbox’s pulse survey capabilities, businesses can automatically collect feedback in real-time and monitor employee engagement rates.

2. Inspire Software 

Inspire Software is a comprehensive solution that combines feedback and recognition features, OKRs, learning, leadership development, etc. with continuous performance management features and methodology.

Now managers can improve employee engagement by conducting objectives-driven one-to-one conversations in real-time. You can even utilize the tool’s built-in collaboration, recognition, and feedback features to keep your teams focused on what matters most and then virtually celebrate their accomplishments in one place.

The software also comes with a formal performance management feature that may be tailored to your specific requirements, such as headers, templates, and grading, to name a few. 

ADP, Workday, and other HRIS applications, as well as productivity software programs like Slack, Google, Microsoft Office, your CRM, JIRA, etc., can all be integrated with Inspire Software.

3. Kudos 

Kudos is a company culture and employee experience-focused employee engagement software. The platform makes it easy to digitally promote and celebrate peers’ accomplishments.

Making employees feel acknowledged is critical for employee engagement, with 37 percent of employees finding personal recognition to be the most motivating factor. 

Employee rewards allow managers to celebrate employee performance by presenting the performer with any form of gift cards or experiences, among other things.

Kudos provides the following solutions for various employee engagement needs in addition to employee recognition:

  • Mentors can provide continuous feedback based on real-time insights using real-time feedback.
  • Brings forth a state-of-the-art dashboard, powered by superior analytics to help you monitor employee engagement. 
  • Has a social hub that promotes internal communication and works as a project workspace.

4. Kazoo 

Kazoo is one of the most popular employee engagement platforms that allow you to design a social incentives scheme to encourage good behaviors and foster a positive work environment. 

Employees can earn credits that can be used to claim prizes when they fulfill certain duties.

Employees can also request and provide feedback using in-built themes in Kazoo’s 360 Reviews. Managers also can conduct surveys, set up one-on-one meetings, and monitor their employees’ progress.

BambooHR, Speakap, Rippling, and Verb can all be integrated with Kazoo. That’s not all, as Kazoo’s API provides access to even more integrations.

5. SnackNation

SnackNation is a terrific way to show your employees how much you appreciate their hard work. It’s perfect for your remote employees, but it’s also a pleasant surprise in any office. They have some really major clients, including Amazon, Apple, and Sony.

This is more of a way to recognize your hardworking team members than an employee recognition or engagement tool. 

When it comes to retaining staff, incentives and recognition are crucial, and SnackNation is an excellent complement to any employee engagement program.

You may have snack boxes sent to your employees both at home and at work, and you can even purchase a box for the entire office team.

With over 5,000 creative snack brands as its partners, SnackNation offers a wide range of options. 

It’s a terrific way to show employees how much you value them in their jobs, and you can bet they will boast about it outside of work as well.

6. Officevibe 

Officevibe is a trust-building employee experience platform that allows you to engage with your team members at home or work. 

Over 50,000 managers worldwide use the software, including executives from Trivago, Dyson, and Bose.

With features like the Pulse Survey and a science-based approach, Officevibe helps you better understand your staff. Team members can respond anonymously. Thus, creating a safe environment for honest input that can be implemented. 

The program also brings forward some amazing features including feedback templates, customizable one-on-one surveys, and reports. These wide plethora of features allow you to take appropriate corporate action in real-time.

Managers and their teams can utilize the program to plan out productivity agenda well ahead of time. This allows everyone in the team to stay prepared. After that, you may also share notes and cooperate to get the outcomes you want.

Microsoft Teams, Office 365, Slack, BambooHR, and Google Workspace, can all be integrated with Officevibe.

7. Empuls 

Empuls is a digital workplace engagement solution aimed at improving company culture and bringing the entire digital workplace to life. 

Empuls may be used by people leaders to create a culture of appreciation, bring teams together, break down silos, and give every employee a voice.

Empuls includes features, such as game dynamics, contests, as well as one-on-one feedback, peer and social recognition, and a variety of incentives and perks. You may also use a social intranet platform to centralize internal communications and inspire staff by rewarding them with a gift of their choice when they do well and exceed expectations.

With Empuls, you can get real-time feedback on the impact of your employee engagement programs and employee sentiment. 

Empuls allows you to manage employee appreciation programs and integrate them with your company’s culture and values. It makes recognition simple, candid, sociable, and enjoyable.

8. Waggl 

Employee engagement is made simple with Waggl. 

Waggle helps you organize quiz-like environments where participants respond to simple questions, just like a game. They respond to questions and vote on what they think. Then you gather your findings for additional discussion.

Employees can vote on each other’s anonymous comments in this dialog-centric strategy, which increases engagement. HR teams can then decide how to communicate the results based on OKRs and organizational priorities.

Keeping your workplace motivated

Motivating your staff is a delicate and deliberate task that takes more than an annual evaluation or a few lines in their personnel file. 

Boosting your employees’ enthusiasm and performance levels takes time, much like getting in shape or learning a new language.

Employees who don’t have goals are inherently aimless. Make sure they have clear, attainable goals and that their performance is evaluated using measurable standards. Employees must understand what actions they are required to do and whether or not they will achieve the desired results. Here are the effective ways to boost employee performance and motivation.

Employees who receive immediate and consistent feedback are aware that their activities have an impact on the firm. 

When it comes to employee performance reviews, it’s difficult for you and the employee to recall specific instances. 

Employees are clearly motivated by creating objectives and receiving constant feedback on where they stand in relation to those goals, according to goal-setting theory.


Employee engagement refers to how involved, passionate, happy, and committed employees are to the firm for which they work. 

You are probably aware of the importance of employee engagement for the emotional well-being of your team members, but putting serious effort into it is also a clearly smart business investment.

Promoting a positive business culture not only makes work more fun, but also has a financial impact, resulting in increased productivity, high-quality recruitment, and increased profits.

With the correct employee engagement software, you can start engaging your staff and gaining data insights. 

Hopefully, our list will help you decide the ideal employee engagement and team empowerment software for your organization.