Technology is developing at the speed of light – a slight exaggeration but in all honesty, we live in an age of unprecedented technological growth. Our televisions and phones are smart, machines have learned to respond and converse with us and technology has become an integral part of our lives.

One important area that has emerged alongside technology is the age of digital marketing. Digital marketing enables people from all careers to advertising products and services virtually, with no attachment to a physical location. Driving up sales is the name of the game and there are multiple ways to do this: social media advertising, affiliated links, sponsorships… the list is endless.

Video walls are an upcoming trend in the advertising world. A video wall consists of several flat-screen displays that have narrow bezels, allowing the numerous screens to appear as one unified big display. Individual screens can also display different images simultaneously. Here’s how you can instantly boost your sales by installing a video wall at a set location.

1. Manage advertising content remotely

Content for a video wall can be managed securely from any location worldwide. You could be sitting in New York and loading new content for your video wall located in a busy shopping mall in Hong Kong or Sydney. It is possible to set up video walls and outsource the maintenance of these to local service providers who will ensure that the walls are set up correctly and fixed quickly when problems occur.

Remote, digital advertising also allows for marketing content to be tailored for specific locations, events and customer groups. A video wall in a hospital or wellness centre can be focused on healthy products and services, while a video wall near a stadium could emphasize drinks, food, sports gear, training sessions or even team merchandise depending on which event is scheduled to occur.

2. Change advertising content instantly and as often as you’d like

Gone are the days of putting up a billboard with a long-term advertisement that cost you so much to put up in the first place that you can’t really change it soon. Video walls allow you to change the advertising content as often as possible and instantly, without waiting for outside parties to confirm or change the content. This allows you to adapt to changing consumer demands in a dynamic and instantly responsive way. It’s also a great way to update discount offers as customer needs change.

Real time updates and important messages will give you an edge over competitors who are still using older ways of advertising such as billboards and even social media. Social media has such an influx of digital marketing professionals and influencers that it’s easy for customers to feel overwhelmed, forcing them to turn to other channels of information that are not yet saturated.

3. Advertise multiple things at once

The various screens of a video wall can be used as one unit or as separate screens. For example, a video wall consisting of sixteen screens will allow you to advertise up to sixteen products on one screen each, or even more products if you decide to place several per screen.

You could even consider renting out some of your advertising space to other digital marketers, or even get in touch with city services and offer to display useful information such as transport schedules, delays and important notices – all at a fee, of course!

4. Video walls can be interactive

Signs, billboards, posters and flyers are static and outdated. A video wall with interactive touchscreen-capable displays will allow customers and clients to reach out to you instantly, or look up a product or service on the spot and even order something right there. It also draws the attention of people passing by – who doesn’t want to play with an interactive screen?

An interactive LED display allows customers the chance to have a lived experience while feeling in charge of their actions. Customer engagement with technology is a great way to give the impression that your company or service is modern and trendy.

5. Long-term investment

Video walls are long-term investments. Despite a large initial expenditure, the video wall will replace traditional forms of advertising and drive up sales by giving you an edge over competitors. Clients and customers will be able to respond to the most recent offers and will spread the word about the great service and experience offered through both interactive and non-interactive displays. This will also free up other departments such as customer services, since complaints can be handled instantly and filed via another channel of information.

There’s no doubt about it, a video wall is great for instantly boosting sales in an easy and affordable way. Do you have experience with digital video wall marketing?

Let us know about your experience below!

Author Bio:

Jen Starr is part of the community team at Next Day PC. Jen enjoys staying on top of the latest tech trends and sharing how new tech can positively impact people’s lives.