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Sumtracker is an easy to use cloud-based Order and Inventory management software. It is for Retailers, Wholesalers, Manufacturers and Construction contractors.

Sumtracker is the one-stop solution for all your Inventory management problems. We offer multi-location support so you can track products across multiple warehouses. Every physical movement of products can be tracked within Sumtracker. Transferring stock from one warehouse to the other is as simple as a few clicks.  Now, you never have to worry about over-stocking and restocking as Sumtracker will notify you when the stock levels go below the set limit. We provide special features for fabric inventory to keep track of fabric length and roll count. You can track any attribute custom to your business such as colour, size, brand, category etc.

Sumtracker can handle all your Order management requirements from purchase to sales. you don’t have to use excel sheets to note down orders. All your order are organised directly into Sumtracker. With the stock status displayed directly on the order page, you can always be aware of the current stock levels in your inventory. You can use any unit of measurement when noting down an order. You can use blanket orders to send and receive partial order delivery. Sumtracker uses a permission-based system for approval of sales and purchase order. With multi-currency support, you can go global without any worries.

Sumtracker is web deployed and cloud-based meaning you can access your data from anywhere. You don’t have to install anything anywhere and all your data is always secure on the cloud. Sumtracker provides 100% data protection and security features.

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Inventory Management, Order management, Multi-Location Support, Partial Order Delivery, GST Ready,

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