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gulfHR is a comprehensive HRMS with full scale functionality to manage HR and Payroll across the Middle East.  It is…

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Software Description: WebHR is a cloud based software managing entire HR operations from hire to retire for your employees in…

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Buyer Guide: Human Resource Management Software/System (HRMS)

The HRMS tool or the Human Resource Management Software tool connects HR management with IT services using HR operations automatically. Making payroll processing easier, tracking of employee details convenient and simplifying recruitment, HRMS tools have removed the burden of the HR management in multiple folds. HRMS tools have been thought to be extremely time saving and efficient, as recruitment processes have become easier. A wrong software selection can bring a large amount of loss for the company, thereby increasing manpower in HR operations. It is a necessity that the HR software is selected with careful analysis and precision.

Business Needs

Understanding business needs is of utmost importance as one software may be compatible to your needs while another might be too overwhelming. A new software purchased may not be compatible with your existing software. This can be a worst-case scenario, where investing in a new software might go in vain. Understanding the company’s software needs, laying out a strategic plan and analyzing the growth rate of the company is the most important step to perform before investing in HRMS tools.  Creating a list of requirements will help determine which feature from the software is compatible with the business needs.

Target Audience

Integrating payroll software, ERP, CRM, etc. are points to be noted after identifying which customers your business targets. Choosing software that gives proper training, service and support is essential. Understanding who your customers are and how much technical and non-technical support will be provided is important. This helps in identifying the stability of both the vendor and the product that the HRMS tool provides.


Buying software with a vast number of features comes in handy only if the business is large enough to deal with. The fixed prices of software and software installation may turn a blind eye to hidden costs. Other costs such as implementation costs, software upgrade costs, maintenance cost, training cost, etc. may drain a hole in the ground with the amount spent on the software. Careful analysis of the chosen software is necessary.

Testing Software

Some software allows a 30-day trial option where you are allowed to use software and understand how it works. This can be used to your advantage as you can easily discontinue the software if it does not suit your needs. Testing its simplicity, performance, flexibility, compatibility and reporting capabilities is important. Taking a trial first is highly recommended.

Choosing a HRMS software is not an easy task as the internet is loaded with multiple software platforms. Keeping in mind all the pre-requisites for buying a HRMS tool is definitely essential.

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