Today’s entrepreneurs must now embrace marketing automation since it not only automates activities but also helps them restructure and quantify their marketing campaigns and workflows. Repetitive operations can be eliminated using sales automation, follow-up, sales funnels, and lead generation. The benefits of sales and marketing automation combined go beyond automating tedious processes, including time and energy savings and increased income. Business operations are streamlined, allowing business owners to concentrate more on developing customer relationships. The ROI, customer satisfaction, and general growth of a business can all be increased with automation. Your team’s time can be freed to work on more significant, strategic tasks, lowering staffing costs. In this post, you can see about the marketing automation software in Dubai:

1.Iconic Digital

Iconic digital automates your marketing to save money and effort. It provides lead nurturing and scoring, mass email personalization, cross-functional operation automation, and workflow-based scaling of your activities. It automates email campaigns to move prospects down the sales funnel and produce more qualified leads. To send the relevant emails to the right leads at the appropriate time, select from a variety of triggers, criteria, and actions. Your processes may be easily seen, altered, and personalized. It creates sophisticated, individualized workflows easily to give good attention to each contact in your database. Use powerful segmentation logic to precise control who and when is registered in your workflows. Then use certain information from your contacts database or CRM to customize your emails for each recipient. With a tested plan and user-friendly platform, an Iconic digital can help you draw in the correct audience, increase the number of visitors who become customers and execute full-scale inbound marketing campaigns.


  • Email personalization
  • Demand Generation
  • Lead Management
  • Lead Nurturing


One of the most effective tools on this list in terms of features is HubSpot’s marketing automation functionality. HubSpot has a whole growth suite with sales, marketing, and support tools that seamlessly interact with HubSpot’s CRM. Having all your data and growing activity in one location might open up a wealth of inventive automation opportunities that would be challenging or unattainable if you used different solutions.

A user-friendly visual board is included in HubSpot’s marketing automation feature. It allows you to create conditional workflows of any complexity. The tool can be challenging to master, but the possibilities for creativity are virtually limitless once you do. In order to target particular users with the ideal email, live chat, website experience, and more, you can set up straightforward email list autoresponders or create a sophisticated network of rules. For the most part, HubSpot’s automation features go far beyond email, allowing you to scale your growth and spend less time on monotonous activities.


  • Easily visualize
  • customize your workflows
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Email automation


Marketo was established in 2006 as a provider of marketing automation software. It was subsequently purchased by Adobe and added to its enterprise marketing cloud. A robust enterprise marketing automation and optimization package will be available if you employ adobe analytics. The technology is primarily designed for enterprise customers and is affordable for most small business owners. The biggest marketing automation platform in the world, Marketo, provides measurable results and keeps customers engaged and coming back. It enables the personalization of client engagement while automating marketing efforts. With Marketo’s assistance, companies may better understand their customers and how to serve them best, thus increasing sales. It quickly builds and scales automated marketing campaigns.


  • Measure and optimize marketing programs
  • landing pages
  • 24\7online support
  • Revenue attribution

4.Click funnel

Click funnel is well suited for small business entrepreneurs running an e-commerce platform because it is a cloud-based website hosting service. Users who want to host their websites on a ready-made platform without worrying about designing and hosting can utilize the service. The solution offers interactive website and marketing funnel design capabilities that businesses can use to communicate with their audience and increase sales. It provides various pre-built funnel templates to meet multiple business objectives. These templates can be modified to create several web pages using interactive drag-and-drop editor capabilities. Designers can use a variety of content into their web pages to improve the look and feel of their marketing websites, including photographs, videos, headlines, and dynamic lists. The technology transforms websites into dynamic, mobile-responsive pages that can be browsed from a variety of mobile devices and support various screen resolutions.


  • Membership Funnels
  • Auto Webinar
  • Hangout
  • Email marketing


An effective automation tool for novice and experienced marketers may be found on the SendinBlue digital marketing platform. With SendinBlue, you can create mobile-friendly email campaigns from the start or use templates that you may customize. It also allows you to run SMS campaigns. Reporting and lead scoring are examples of advanced features. Every business can create the marketing engine they require with all the tools they need thanks to modularity and at an affordable price. It offers an all-inclusive, user-friendly solution that combines a strong range of services. It quickly creates stunning emails that inspire action using its responsive design tools. Make welcome emails and order confirmations with the help of automated campaigns. You can even pre-test deliverability before launching campaigns to determine whether your email will reach the inbox.


  • Integrate Advanced Designs
  • Scheduling & Automation
  • Deliverability
  • Integration


On the WebEngage dashboard, product and marketing professionals from all over the world create user lifecycle journeys.It is simple and logical to convert current users through timely, data-backed multichannel engagement campaigns. Using the platform’s in-depth product and marketing data, brands can track growth indicators and campaign performance efficiently.

User engagement and retention are made simple and highly effective for consumer tech corporations and SMBs with the customer data platform and marketing automation suite called WebEngage. Through highly contextual, hyper-personalized engagement campaigns spread over ten communication channels, and the platform assists brands in increasing income from their current customers and anonymous users. WebEngage powers user engagement for thousands of brands globally.


  • AB Testing
  • Abandoned Cart Saver
  • Action Management
  • Attribution Modeling


Wrike is a cloud-based collaboration and project management platform that assists users in managing projects from beginning to end. In addition to giving users complete access and control over activities. The end-to-end solution handles tasks from tracking work progress and reporting outcomes to receive the initial project request.

Project managers and team leads can build project plans, visualize timelines on the Gantt chart, and collect and organize project requirements with the help of Wrike. Plans for the project can be easily modified as work progresses, and all participating teams will be notified of any changes. Users can display project data to executives or groups using the custom report builder.


  • Creative asset production
  • Event planning
  • Campaign management
  • Marketing process


A free platform for collaboration is Bitrix24. Users are served by Bitrix24 by offering features like CRM, document management, tasking, time management, and project management that are integrated into a social environment.It includes user profiles, like commenting, instant messaging, and content sharing. With Bitrix24, an effective online business management solution is promised. There are versatile and accurate tools to manage every operation, from checking in at the beginning of the day through chores, processing sales, and concluding with reporting. Both internal and external operations are covered by the communications and collaboration platform offered by Bitrix24. All the tools in a single cloud service provide technical benefits like unified search and human-facing benefits like the need to become used to one user interface.


  • Sales automation
  • Contact center
  • Marketing
  • Sales Intelligence