Never before has there been a time where video conferencing has proven so important in the workplace. With so many businesses currently shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic and forced to have their employees work from their own homes, video conferencing seems to have taken a front seat. This technology is making it possible for employees to still have effective and productive meetings, regardless of their location. Client meetings can go ahead, and it even gives department heads a way to check-in and discuss plans.

Despite the fact that video conferencing isn’t a new technology, there are plenty of businesses that haven’t had much experience with it, or who haven’t had to rely on it in the past. Well, that has all changed now and business owners are quickly seeing just how useful this tool is. So, if video conferencing is still a fairly new concept for your company, here are some essential tips you can follow.

Create a Video Conferencing Schedule

A great tip to start with is scheduling. If all employees were in the office there would likely be set meetings that occur at regular intervals. So, why not keep that same schedule from home offices? Sending out a company email to all those parties involved in the meeting discussing the schedule moving forward will keep everyone on the same page, and organised.

Make Clear the Purpose of Each Virtual Meeting

These video conferences should also have a purpose behind them, rather than meeting for the sake of meeting. You can send out a memo with the agenda in advance regarding what will be discussed and what you expect from employees, so they can show up prepared. This will ensure that the meeting is productive.

Ask That Only One Person Speak at a Time

This tip sounds simple but can make a huge difference in how effective the meeting is. Ask that just one person speaks at a time, and when speaking, have others mute their microphones. Some video conferencing software will mute them automatically. This helps to ensure there is no background noise and distractions.

Keep Things Simple – Use a Solution that Works on All Systems

Involve, a professional video conferencing installation and support leader, suggests it’s important to also keep things simple. Using a solution that will work across all systems used by your employees and clients is always the best way to go. The last problem you want to deal with is technologies that are not compatible with one another.

Involve suggests Skype for Business, as this makes it possible to connect with anyone, from any place, and best of all – from any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop). It doesn’t matter if your employees are working from home or back in the office, the video conferencing can proceed with ease. Involve can help you with the design, installation, offer training, and even consult in the process.

Become a Video Conferencing Pro

Using these tips will help you and your company to become video conferencing pros, allowing the business to proceed in a smooth manner even with all staff working remotely.