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IPQualityScore provides free and premium tools for developers and companies of all sizes to combat fraudulent activity and abusive users. IPQ’s advanced fraud scoring services can rate clicks, transactions, and user sign ups with a fraud score that indicates the likeliness of an abusive user.

IPQualityScore’s Proxy Detection service is the most accurate tool for detecting users with connections from proxies, VPNs, & Tor connections which are commonly used to conduct fraud and abuse. IPQ’s email verification service can also verify if an email address actually exists and is able to receive new mail. It can also detect temporary and disposable email addresses that fraudsters commonly use to bypass registrations events, post SPAM, and other unwanted behavior.

Reduce fraud and improve your ROI with our suite of anti-fraud tools!


Software Key Features:

Detect Proxies/VPNs, Verify Email Addresses, Detect Disposable Email Addresses, Detect Bots, Detect Duplicate Users, Fraud Scoring, Chargeback Prevention, Full API, Powerful Dashboard Reporting, Advanced Blacklists & Whitelists, Anti-Fraud Tools  


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Small Business, Medium Sized Business, Large Business

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Yes - API Available

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Phone Support, Chat Support, Email Support, Knowledge Base


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Web App, Windows, Macintosh

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