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We are doing for written documents what Excel did for graph paper.

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Epsillion Publisher is the world’s best desktop publishing software.


Our customers love Epsillion Publisher because it:

  • gives them beautifully designed reports with no effort. Users write unformatted content in Word, prepare unformatted tables and charts in Excel, and our software assembles them into beautiful documents that look like a professional designer made them. I have attached an example.
  • is easy to learn. A four minute YouTube video is all most users need to start creating their own amazing documents: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGqbt_njt8E&list=PLqbViGlf85nEqvi3axio1922rV7MDu1Z6&index=1
  • gives them PDF and HTML output, so the result can be instantly printed, shared, and put on the web in formats readers want.
  • lets them update all data in their reports with a single click — whether it’s numbers in the text or charts or tables.
  • lets them write dynamic sentences that change as the underlying data changes.


Epsillion Publisher is great for businesses that:


  • publish a lot of documents to PDF/web/apps;
  • need style automation due to strict brand guidelines (i.e., user must have no control over colors, margins, fonts, etc.);
  • need content automation because numbers in text/tables/charts frequently change (good for accountants, finance professionals, economists, marketers, etc.);
  • MUST write in Microsoft Word and calculate with Microsoft Excel;
  • need professional typography and styling, but do not want to hire a designer;
  • need professional typography and styling, but need faster turnaround times than human designers can provide (i.e., with our software they press a button; with a designer, they send their material and wait a day or two).
  • Price from $400 per year
  • Slogan We are doing for written documents what Excel did for graph paper.
  • Company Name Epsillion Software Limited
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