The businesses are in dire need of CRM in order to acquire success. No matter whatever business it is, Customer Relationship Management is playing a huge role in order to define the success of the business. The technology is growing very fastly and it has become mandatory to use certain automation process in order to attain success. There are so many CRM options available for businesses available in the market and choosing one among them isn’t a cakewalk. There are a lot of things that one must consider and taking a wise decision is very necessary. Here is the comparison and review of two best CRM software available in the market. This will help you a little in deciding the best among the two.

PipeDrive CRM

Pipedrive is designed especially for the small and the medium sized businesses. Pipedrive CRM is very cheap when compared to the salesforce and it is giving a tough competition for all the other CRM software available in the market. The design is simple and can be used by a newbie without any hassle. It is best for a tight budget on growing business.

Features of Pipedrive


The design of Pipedrive is very simple and is perfect choice for the startups and small businesses who cannot spend much amount on the training of CRM for the employees. It follows a simple pipeline method and the projects are loaded into the CRM following the pipeline process only. Different pipelines can be created based on the requirement. Users can make the deals and all the tasks related to that particular deal can be organized. The advanced search feature made it easy to search for any deal without hassle.

As you can observe there are no apps in pipedrive similar to the salesforce. Pipedrive has a simple user interface compared to the sales force.

Communication and Contacts

One of the amazing features of Pipedrive is their email service. Your company gets your own email id, for example xyz@pipedrivemail dot com. You can use this mail id to communicate with the clients and all the mails of each client are organized as per the requirement. They will be linked to the deals.

The contacts can be stored in pipedrive software. You can enter all the details or store just the essential details. After storing the details of the clients, you can link all the deals and other information with it.

Reporting Services

The reporting services are very important for any CRM software and Pipedrive provides the statistics and reports option for the users. The latest sales reporting option is an advanced feature and it gives the sales report, the activities that have been performed and performance in the pipeline.


Pipedrive API helps in integrating the software to any of your favorite app. Without API it can be used to integrate with Google Maps and apps, Trello, MailChimp, Zapier and many more apps. Direct integration with Slack and Asana are provided directly from the web application.

Pros and Cons


➢     Easy to use

➢     Steep learning curve

➢     Advanced features like Webhook and Web forms help in receiving the programmatic information and creating the public forms to generate the leads

➢     Interactive user interface

➢     24X7 support

➢     Email Tracking and integration

➢     Advanced reports

➢     Syncing and integrating with various other platforms

➢     Importing and exporting of cross CRM data


➢     There is no desktop application

➢     It cannot be integrated with SAP

➢     Lack of the advanced features

Insightly CRM

Insightly is a simple CRM system that is ideal for the ideal businesses present out there. It helps in combining the sales activity with the project management. It is a cloud based application which helps in linking the related items together. The small and the medium sized businesses are easy to manage and there is no need to have complicated software for the project management. This insightly CRM is the perfect project management software for such businesses.


The design of insightly CRM is very simple. The first page that you will see after logging in consists of all the details like clients, projects, etc. The home page of the software is very easy to understand and the people without any experience of using the CRM and project management software can also use it without any problem. Insightly is a cheaper alternative for salesforce CRM.

Communication and Contacts

Insightly has tools for the contact management. The mails of the clients can be stored in the software according to the requirement. The entire email history, important dates, customer background and many other details are organized perfectly so that they can be accessed whenever they are required. The sales and any closed deals can be quickly linked to the project.

Reporting Services

Insightly provides the time to time updates regarding the sales and other situations too. These reports can be shared with the respective clients in the software only. The reports provided by Insightly are very important in decision making regarding the clients.


Integrating the software is very important for any CRM software and Insightly provides the best integrating facility. As a business you can integrate a client with their Linkedin, twitter, facebook and store their public information. The software also integrates with G Suite, Gmail, Office 365, Google Drive and some other popular applications. Insightly also has a mobile application so it is easy to use and operate it from Android and iOS devices. The insightly servers are located in US and all the information that you store in the software will be saved in the cloud so that you can use it on the go.

Pros and Cons


  • Cheaper when compared with its other alternatives which have the same features
  • The customer service portal is easy to navigate. Most of the information is available in the portal only
  • Customer care service is really commendable. If any problem persists while using the software it is easy to contact an executive.
  • It is easy to merge the duplicates. Organization of the contacts is easy when compared to the other CRM software
  • Easy to use and there is no need to get training in order to understand its usage
  • Unlimited storage option


  • The software is little bit slow

Gmail sync do not work as expected, importing and exporting the data from Gmails is not possible

  • Understanding the advanced features of the software takes some time.

Final Verdict

Both Pipedrive and Insightly CRM are in the list of best CRM present in the market. The one thing that differs between them is pricing. Insightly is a bit more pricey than the Pipedrive but the features that are offered by Insightly varies too. The selection of the right CRM for the business depends upon various factors like budget, features and requirements of the business so the business owner should take special care while choosing the right CRM.