QuickBooks Online or Desktop, a best fit solution for you?

Since the release of QuickBooks Online version, Business owners might be cracking their heads to find out whether QuickBooks Online version or Desktop version might be the better solution for their business management.

While all this confusions to select the best solution from QuickBooks goes on, there is no one word answer to determine the software version to choose, but there are lot of differences to compare between desktop and online versions that would help decision makers to easily select the right choice.

When do you consider QuickBooks Online as an Option?

QuickBooks Online will be the ideal solution if you have a service-based company that does not need inventory features and require a solution only to manage basic accounting and finance operations.

QuickBooks Online is a best solution when you need to:

Accountants and other Users to access from any location at any time: QuickBooks Online allows setting up a user id and password for each user who needs to access the data from any location at any time.

Access via a mobile device, PC or a Mac: QuickBooks Online does not require software installation. Therefore, you can just open up a web browser from your mobile device, PC or Mac and log right into your account to quickly access your data.

Automatic online backup: QuickBooks online automatically backs up the data and secures it in cloud environment. Users need not worry about losing or corruption of data anymore.

Automated Processes: QuickBooks online has the ability to automate features enabling users to save more time and effort Automatic Updates: Up to date access of latest version of QuickBooks online without any additional fees.

When do you consider QuickBooks Desktop as an option?

QuickBooks Desktop will be the apt solution to your product-based business when you require strong inventory features to track and manage your stock.

QuickBooks Desktop is a best solution when:

Fixed office Location: QuickBooks Desktop version is ideal for companies with one fixed location and all operations and activities are within the office location.

Require industry specific features: QuickBooks Desktop offers various features specific to type of industries.

Control of company Data: With QuickBooks Desktop you can have full control of your data by backing up it in your own system.

In short, While consider QuickBooks Online and Desktop, The first and important point all need to understand is, the both solutions are not one and same. I. E QuickBooks online is a different solution than QuickBooks Desktop version. Also keep in mind that, the QuickBooks Online edition provides only 40 % of features as compared to QuickBooks Desktop Edition.

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