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In the software part of their project, we developed an embedded Android app. It operates as an intermediary between a client and the fridge.

The Android app operation is presented as follows:
– The app communicates with the kiosk server on AWS ( and logs itself in (obtains a kiosk ID).
– It authenticates a restocker and sends it PepWave and credit card reader serial numbers.
– The app downloads the product list and prices.
– It sends to the restocker the tablet’s GCM ID, the list of electronic product codes (once every 30 minutes), and a kiosk status (once every 10 minutes).
– Then it sends RFID antenna reading numbers (antenna 1 to 4), both temperature sensors readings, and tablet battery level.
– The app sends to the restocker masked Track 1 data upon a successful authorization. After that, it sends the transaction ID returned from the payment gateway.
– The app sends updates on the current transactions and previous transactions (if necessary), and the item (in terms of RFID tags) movement information, and its RSSI.
– What the kiosk sends to the kiosk server can be found on the kiosk server log.

Software Key Features:

The main principle of the app's work is represented in the picture attached.

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