Add a smart Salesforce document management app to your Salesforce wheelroom and watch as it affects the entire system in many ways. Once installed, the Document Generation App will assist you to produce thousands of emails at a time, to be sent to all your prospects with just a few clicks. It also provides information on the contacts in your organization, who may have some knowledge of the product or service you are offering. The main advantage is that you can get rid of much of the manual work and save your time.

Incorporating data management tool

The best way to approach an application like this is to visualize a scenario where you are not using a salesforce document generation app anymore, but still receiving daily emails from all the custom documents created by the software. Can you imagine how much time you will spend just deleting these emails? We are not only talking hours here, we are talking days, weeks, months… and even years. Can you imagine sending hundreds or even thousands of daily emails to a list consisting of no one but yourself? Can you imagine that deleting these daily emails will even be possible, considering how overloaded this list is?

In the end, you will probably admit that it is pointless to add a tool like the document creation and management app if you are still receiving hundreds of custom emails for every prospect, which you are trying to sell. This situation is exactly what companies like Microsoft face on a daily basis. Salesforce generates HTML files directly from the source code, so you never have to deal with hardcopy data. You can get to know how this process works, through training, demo accounts and online tutorials. However, this feature does not apply to all versions of the software. If your company uses the version before “Salesforce Mobile 6”, you should convert the file yourself using the PDF converter (you can find such tools on the Internet). In fact, conversion to PDF is required in order to be able to use the document management and generation feature of Salesforce.

Once you have converted the data, you need to make sure that the final result is a native asset, not a PDF file. There are many PDF converters available, so you can choose any one as per your requirements. However, there is one fact that should never be ignored. The native infrastructure used by Salesforce for the generation of PDF documents is generally cost reduction and speed increase, and in most cases, a lot of both.

Converting Information to PDF

So, if you want to convert PDF format files to custom documents, you need to look for a company that offers PDF conversion services such as PDF Butler app. Such companies understand the need of business owners to generate custom documents in a fraction of the time. However, before you hire a company for PDF conversion, you should look into the kind of document you want converted. In case of information technology based custom documentation; you should look for a company offering conversion services along with an integrated solution.

Another option that you might like to consider is to convert the data yourself. There are two different ways in which you can convert PDF file into a new e-signature. First, you can use the built entirely in tool. However, it is necessary that you have the technical knowledge to complete such tasks. You can also outsource this task to a company like Electronic Signatures Incorporated who offers complete solutions and