Salesmate is a smart CRM software that supports companies in turning leads into customers. This platform is very convenient and straightforward. It can also be easily personalized and altered by every sales person from your team. With such ease, anyone can navigate through the software and learn as they explore the features further.

TheSalesmate platform assists in capturing a lead with minimal human intervention, thanks to automation. It also automates a few aspects of the entire workflow. In this manner, the focus of a salesperson is invested in potential engagement, in spite of managing all the data. Moreover, it keeps track of the valuable leads and makes sure the business doesn’t lose them. It continually updates the team with the follow-up requirements and improvement criteria. Maintenance of communication is also provided via this software seamlessly.

Features of Salesmate:

  • Powerful API
  • Email integration
  • Contact history
  • Full customization
  • 24/7 support
  • Timeline view
  • Safe and reliable
  • Multi-currency
  • Mobile Apps
  • Goal reporting and setting
  • Good sales in pipeline view
  • Google Apps integration
  • Google maps integration
  • Simple data export and import

Benefits offered by Salesmate:

Salesmate software is designed in a way that meets all your present-day requirements. It can preserve all the valuable data regarding customers or sales at any point in time, irrespective of the place or device. It offers integrated communication, intuitive interface, real-time sales,and cross-platform presence data. This aids the users in providing visibility to the sales pipeline and making a good sales forecast.

It comes with an impressive chrome extension and a great mobile app, which doesn’t confine your team to office barriers when it comes to productive work support. This way you can schedule calls, access the important data and structure your field visits without any hassle of handling paperwork. The information resides at your fingertips.

It is also connected to over 300 apps which aid you in carrying out daily sales process. A straightforward procedure of synchronization with your Google account, Yahoo, Outlook,and Exchange is also possible with this software. It will provide you with detailed reports about team performance; time ranges for specific tasks and lead-to-customer conversion duration as well.

Deal closure:

You will not be closing a deal just like that. Thereare required stages that you go through and end the cycle with a proper closure. This will automatically guarantee a new customer to you. You can easily plan appointments and meetings with Salesmate. A dashboard will provide you with the status of the deals and the duration of their stay there. This way you can plan and execute your tasks quickly and intelligently.

Enhanced reporting:

If you’re investing your time and energy in sales activities, you’d also expect to see the revenue and benefits it’s providing you. Salesmate comes with those various reporting features that keep you updated with all such information. Despite the Email templates, Salesmate also provides you with ‘Email template usage analytic’. This aids you in comprehending the lead and customers by an open rate of emails with different templates. It also comes with another tool ‘Activity insight’ that measures all the time taken by your sales representatives in getting done with any task.

Sales goals:

Now you can set smart sales goals. The Salesmate software comes with a predictive algorithm that helps you seek the necessary insights into the sales cycle. You can take actionsby data stored in your system and allocate all your assets in the sales process. It also helps you in making necessary forecasts regarding the 360 view of the behavior of your customers. Track emails and prepare your campaign, make your content more attention-seeking and guarantee yourself an open rate.

Customization ease:

You can customize the whole look of the software. Be it the form layouts or the columns; even the deal stages are customizable. Thisapparently means that Salesmate hasn’t set its industrial preferences and doesn’t restrict to a single industry. There’s a personal sales manager that can be used to keep track of lead, customer, activities, contact and much more. This is very helpful when you’re dealing with a large number of customers on a daily basis.

Mobile optimization:

You will not be restricted to a cubicle to boost your business. The software makes it very easy for you to manage everything from your mobile phones as well. This freedom is complimented by the very convenient mobile apps that provide you with the ease of workinganywhere and everywhere. No task is tedious be it an appointment or a follow-up with any client. Everything is just a single touch away.

Workflow management:

With Salesmate you will never be worried about time wastage. It carves the daily schedule in a way that you never run short of time in keeping up with your sales cycle. Automate your basic yet very important tasks and subsequently increase the productivity of your whole team. Make good relations with the contacts. Greet them well with the automated welcome emails designated to be sent to new connections. The system will also guide you with the follow-up calls and progress levels.


Salesmate comes with both the annual and monthly enterprise pricing plans. It depends on the user’s preferences. The idea comes with a yearly investment of $12/month,and the monthly package consists of $15/month.

Supported devices:

Salesmate supports:

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Android
  • iPad/iPhone
  • Mac

Alternatively, the web itself.

It guarantees your satisfaction!

The software’s main goal is to keep its users highly satisfied. Experts have evaluated this software and regard it best for the requirements of the modern-day. There’s a behavior-based customer satisfaction algorithm that compiles the reviews from the customers, their comments and Salesmate reviews using the social media sites. They help you in choosing whether you decide to buy it for your business or not.