Are you on the lookout for a social media marketing campaign? You should.

Social media marketing is something that everyone is doing nowadays. Don’t get left out; make your brand presence felt to billions of Internet users every day. Online resource sites such as SEO Web Marketing 123 offers helpful tips on how to do digital marketing to get you started.

But before you jump on the social media marketing bandwagon, make sure you’re aware of the following mistakes to avoid on Facebook and Instagram.

Too Much Product Advertising

Don’t be that brand on Instagram and Facebook that posts round after round of product snapshots. Spamming is not a good means to present a brand.

Get the spotlight and build loyalty on Instagram and Facebook by posting only quality content instead of spamming your followers with promotions and products.

Create detailed buyer personas through customer research and interviews to sharpen your content and draw more people to your brand. Establishing buyer personas will:

  • Help you understand your target audience and the reason people follow you on social media
  • Give you ideas for content and ads that will cater to your audience
  • Help you figure out whom to follow and engage with and whom to target your ads to

Ignoring Lead-Generating Opportunities

Facebook and Instagram are great tools to build brand recognition and followers. However, it should also generate leads. Lead generation is an essential strategy to add to your social media marketing campaign, especially when you’re selling products with long sales cycles. To achieve this balance between brand recognition and lead generation, consider quality Instagram growth by Viralyft. They can help you grow your Instagram following while also providing valuable insights and strategies to turn those followers into potential leads for your products or services.

Use Facebook Ads and Instagram Lead Ads to offer promotions to your target customers and obtain their details, which you can use to reach out to them later.

Here are tips to remember when using Facebook Ads and Instagram Lead Ads:

  • Use your buyer personas and focus on the audience you want to reach with your ad.
  • Use built-in filters to reach your target group of people.
  • Offer something invaluable in exchange for their details.

Posting Infrequently or Too Frequently 

Posting infrequently can lead to unengaged audience, which is bad for your business. Make them feel your presence by regularly posting content.

According to research, you should only publish 1–2 posts per day on Facebook and Instagram. Exceeding one post a day results in 60% fewer clicks, and you get fewer engagements after two posts.

Finding the perfect balance between becoming a regular presence and overposting can be challenging. Here are essential tips you can use to engage with your customers without being overwhelming or too spammy:

  • Create a content calendar for your Facebook and Instagram and have a scheduled posting.
  • Understand Facebook and Instagram demographics and use these data to pinpoint target audience for your scheduled posting.
  • Try posting content on different days and times to see what gets more engagement.
  • Avoid posting boring pictures and random posts that don’t fit your brand. Publish only relevant and quality content.
  • Make sure your call-to-actions are not forceful.

Writing Off Facebook Ads

Even if your business is small, don’t shy away from paid promotion. Use Facebook Ads. It’s a powerful platform for businesses like yours to extend their customer base and target leads. You can characterize your targets based on their location, interests, and even purchasing behavior. This allows you to strategically target your ad to a specific audience and maximize the effect of your posts.

Here are tips on how to utilize Facebook Ads:

  • Look out for competitors and outsmart whatever they’re doing. Create a more irresistible offer by providing better deals.
  • Experiment with different Facebook ad formats and placements, such as video, image, collection, carousel, slideshow, offers, and event responses, to name a few. Each type offers a different kind of audience engagement.
  • Take advantage of Facebook Analytics.
  • Read psychology books – marketing merely is a human psychology in action.

Acting Unapproachable

Audience interaction is not only about providing information – it’s opening up a line of communication from you to your audience and sending signals that you are responsive. People on social media like to interact with posts on Facebook and Instagram because they can express their opinions and show their approval. When you interact with your audience, you are building trust with them and make them feel rewarded.

Here are some tips to allow audience interaction:

  • Post compelling content that’ll encourage shares and comments.
  • Open contests and photo submissions. Post polls and questions.
  • Satisfy the psychological need for validation by simply having conversations with your customers.
  • Use free and open source CRM software to further manage your interactions and relationships with your customers.

Closing thoughts

There are 30.2 million small businesses in the United States alone and what you’d want is to be in front of the pack. Use Facebook and Instagram to your advantage. Apply these tips and avoid the common pitfalls of social media marketing. Remember, sustaining an active community and engagement with your customers as a small business will be your biggest strength.