Software consulting refers to one of those processes that enable technology professionals to give more valuable and thorough insights about software and e-commerce programs. As its name implies, this type of service is provided by software consultants. When technology-related decisions have to be made, companies choose to hire a software consultant for this process. By doing so, current software being used by companies can be updated, making them adept to recent times.

The value of software consulting should never be undermined. Both small and medium-sized businesses are under immense pressure nowadays. Running a business is already difficult as it is, then there’s the added responsibilities concerning indispensable technology-related facets driven by the highly-technical world businesses are revolving in nowadays.

What does software consulting services, like 1Rivet’s solutions, offer, and what are their benefits?  Read on for the answers!

The Basics Of Software Consulting

Software consulting refers to the process of determining what a company’s software-related needs are, so that the right technology can be created to enable the company to effectively perform its operations. 

Once those needs are properly identified, it’s also through software consulting that sound advice can be given to your company’s tech department. In doing so, proper decisions can be made regarding sales and software investments.

There are many things that go on during software consulting, some of which include:

  • Updating your business’ e-commerce systems with the right IT support
  • Developing a business website
  • Creating a mobile app for your business

Benefits Of Software Consulting

Consultants are those professionals who work closely together with managers and business owners for the purpose of identifying challenges, proposing practical solutions, and offering sound advice to their clients. Software consultants are sometimes likened to doctors, as their job is to prescribe remedies for the problems experienced.

In this case, the prescription is what they give through software consulting, which has the following accompanying benefits:

1. It Helps Protect Your Interests

The software initiatives of a business encompass multiple parties both within and outside of your organization. With all the parties involved, it’s easy to see how conflict can potentially arise. Just imagine the coming together of software and hardware vendors, business and operations staff, and content providers, to name a few. Without a sense of coherence, as well as unity of direction and instruction, they won’t be able to work effectively for your business.

Software consulting comes in as that solution in which your interests are protected. For example, as you work with the entire team, your software consultant can help you successfully distinguish your wants from your needs. This puts your best interest to heart, as you now can have the proper software that allows you to fulfil your short-term and long-term needs.

2. It Presents You With A Varied Host Of Expertise

By submitting to software consulting, your business is opened up to the possibility of working with no less than the experts. Because software consultants work with a variety of businesses, it’s expected that they’ll have a deeper and broader knowledge of new technologies and processes, business trends, and industry challenges they’re presented with. These are opportunities that you would’ve otherwise missed, had you not given in to software consulting.

Take note that software consultants are constantly on the move to improve their craft. With that, you can rely on them to be the ones who are most updated within the industry.

3. It Comes As A Full Package

If you hire a software consulting company, you’re not just hiring an individual, or the software consultant. Rather, you’re also going as far as taking in the services of a team. This means you have the full package. You’re benefiting from professionals like web designers, social media managers, IT consultants, and, of course, a software consultant, to name a few.

Because you have a whole team working for you, this means that your business’s requirements will be truly addressed. Those that require attention are handled effectively, with the end goal of a better and more improved business after going through the consulting process.

4. It Walks You Through A Smooth Organizational Change Management

Lastly, whenever new software is being introduced into your business, it’s expected that you’ll also go through an organizational change. After all, the entire team will have to adjust to the new software in place. 

Remember that in the very first place, installing and using new software isn’t only meant to focus on the implementation and coming in of new technology. It should also go as far as standardizing and improving the way that people work. It’ll be a big change to adjust to at first, but with the consulting team, you’ll realize that there’s no going back to your old ways.


Now isn’t the time for businesses to still have slow operations. In fact, the challenge to operate more efficiently is now pressing more than ever. There’s always so much to do, with so little time, and this is exactly where software consulting comes in to the rescue. It can’t be denied that many business owners aren’t exactly the most experienced yet in this field, hence, the need for experts on software consulting.