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Sensible solution to tough HR problems.

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Compel-HRIS comes as a perpetual license as well as in SAAS model

Compel-HRIS is an elaborated web-based system which consists of :-

  1. Payroll
  2. Leave Management System
  3. Attendance Management System
  4. Employee Self Service
  5. Recruitment Model
  6. Learning and development model
  7. Performance Management System.

How a Compel-HRIS supports the organization:

•   Automatic HR processes: a typical process in a company that of an HR such as support bonding, recruitment, payroll management, performance management can all be time-consuming and resource intensive. Payroll management for a company that has more that about three dozens of employees can take over two decades days for HR personnel to perform when done manually. But if all this is automated with Compel HRIS the process will just take few hours, and minimal requirement of human intervention is there. It will allow the HR to focus on other tasks such as process improvement, corporate training, enhancing employee efficiency and building the cultural values in the organization.

•   Providing remote access: One of the primary functions within an organization is employee service, where HR personnel is required to support employees with essential services such as process clarification, generation of certificates and documents, etc. it is highly time-consuming, which contributes to loss of productivity of the HR executive.

•   Effective managing regulations: many companies follow certain rules and regulation which are very strict and have set up by taxation and legal departments. So Compel HRIS can perform these rules and regulation quickly and can also save time and follow term compliance and keep away from penalties.

Compel-HRIS, system is an ChatBot integrates system.

ChatBot can take over issues or support employees in many ways, such as :-

  1. Provide fast and customised answers.
  2. Reviews annual performance.
  3. Real-time analytics to create more efficient processes.

To know more Compel-HRIS, contact on the details given below :-

Sushil Kurri


[email protected]

  • Price Compel-HRIS comes as a perpetual license as well as in SAAS model
  • Slogan Sensible solution to tough HR problems.
  • Brand color
  • Company Name Compel Consultancy Pvt Ltd
  • Customization Not Available

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