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In the competitive retail sector, Logiframe is aware that businesses need Point of Sale (POS) systems to help them quickly, accurately, and efficiently deliver services to customers. The POS software and business apps used today can be supported by the retail POS system’s computational capabilities. You accommodate various peripherals to meet your company’s and your brand’s particular needs.

Any store hoping to maintain its competitiveness and increase customer centricity must be able to act quickly and decisively based on current information. In order to construct an integrated solution, Logiframe uses top-tier contemporary retail Point of Sale (POS) system software technologies. Logiframe offers the resources small, medium-sized, significant, and enterprise-level retailers need to accomplish their objectives both now and as they expand. The Logiframe POS system may assist you in designing wonderful client experiences and gathering essential data to help you develop and grow your business.

Logiframe is aware that the retail industry is undergoing a period of rapid change and that you need solutions that can adapt as your company and customer demand change. These needs were taken into consideration when designing Logiframe’s retail POS system, which will help you keep a competitive edge

Software Key Features:


  • Inventory and warehouse management systems
  • Asset Management. 
  • Timesheet. 

Mobile Support


Desktop OS Support

Web App, Windows, Macintosh

Multi Language Support



Yes - Available

API Support

Yes - API Available

Technical Support

Phone Support, Email Support

Is it cloud based?


Open Source


Software Suites for?

Small Business, Medium Sized Business, Large Business

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