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The Top 5 Tools to Create a Mobile App From Scratch

If you’re considering creating your own mobile app, it can be pretty daunting. There are tons of tools out there, and you don’t want to spend your time on the wrong one! Here are some of the top tools to create an app from scratch, helping you save yourself from headache and hassle.

1) Adobe Spark
Adobe Spark is Adobe’s free web design tool. It has drag-and-drop capabilities for building websites, ebooks, and mobile apps, along with basic features for editing images and graphics.

2) UXPin
With over 250 design templates, both print and digital, UXPin is one of our favorite wireframing tools. The drag-and-drop UI element library makes it possible to assemble complete mobile screens quickly, with no coding required—making it easy for designers of all skill levels to create mockups that look exactly like how their users will see them. Another benefit: prototypes can be tested on real devices before launch, allowing for rapid iteration and testing.

3) Framer
Framer is an interactive design tool used for building web and mobile apps. The Framer app allows you to rapidly prototype your app designs, then share them with your team and clients. Framer is designed for both beginners and seasoned developers. It’s free for individuals and $100/month (paid annually) as a business.

4) Marvel
A lightweight and easy-to-use design tool that allows users to create wireframes for web, mobile, or tablet apps. And if you’re wondering what in tarnation is a wireframe? It’s an outline of your application’s screen layout that lets you visualize how your app will look and function before it goes live. Google Docs: GDocs lets users draw diagrams and collaborate with colleagues via Google Drive while they conceptualize their app idea.

5) InVision
for prototyping and collaboration. InVision is an online web-based design tool that helps you create prototypes for your mobile app. The site has easy-to-use templates, plus collaborative features so you can see how your app would look on different screen sizes (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.) as well as share links with other designers or clients. If you’re looking for something even simpler than Photoshop but want more functionality than Google Docs, InVision is a great choice.

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