Data Manipulation

As far as data manipulation is considered, understanding data, pulling reports from databases, consolidating data into one place and the complexity of software deployment are major issues. Tableau is a magnificent business intelligence tool that is considered as the best analytics tool as it helps with better implementation of data analytics.

Data Integration

Compatibility is not an issue as far as Tableau is considered as it allows building new integrations with any type of software and programming language to build data. Connecting data has never been so simple as the need for data entry is now taken away with the invention of Tableau.

Big Data Revolution

A business intelligence platform that helps resolve big data issues is required to be a key market player in the Big Data revolution. A Business Intelligence software is required to turn data into insights in a meaningful yet profitable manner. Tableau has many such advantages. The practice of viewing data in excel sheets has long been destroyed and is unmanageable due to large data coming in and out of databases. Tableau has invented a whole new era of big data revolution.

Data Visualization

Keeping up a good user interface is key to any successful software or tool. The ease of use and visual representation of applications is as important as its functionality. Tableau is one of the biggest players in the market known for the best data visualization, making appealing visual representations of data. Creating simple KPI dashboards is an easy task with Tableau.

Data Import and Export

To eliminate the necessity of data entry, easy import and export of data must be plausible. Data revolves around any business intelligence software and Tableau knows how to make proper utilization of it. Supporting data sources from which data can be imported from is a huge benefit that Tableau holds. With over hundreds of possible data sources such as MySQL, JSON, SAP and more, Tableau solves data import issues without a hassle.

Analytics Support

Incorporating advanced analytics in a tool is more than tedious as languages and technology keep updating themselves from time to time. Providing an advanced analytics support today means providing an outdated support tomorrow. Tableau includes support for both Python as well as R scripting, with various other tools and languages.


With no hidden costs, Tableau starts its basic pricing range at $35 per user per month and allows a free trial. Although there are cheaper options to consider, Tableau scores brownie points for its features and other business intelligence support.

Dealing with both on premise as well as cloud-based services, Tableau helps customers solve their business analytics worries by centrally managing data. Connecting to a wide range of data sources and allowing data access from anywhere, anytime, Tableau helps set Business Analysts and Data Analysts on the right track.