Everybody wants to make more money from their e-commerce store. When they think they need to increase revenue they usually start trying to gain more traffic. Although this isn’t a bad plan, it’s not exactly the right one. It’s almost as if a store tried to get more people in the doors thinking they will make more money. Only most of the new shoppers aren’t buying anything so it doesn’t really help.

It’s better to use the traffic you are already getting to make more money by increasing your conversion rate. This means that you need to make some changes that help people make a purchase or spend more money while shopping. If you do this first then any new traffic will also convert better and you’ll see profits skyrocket. In this article, we will go over how to increase your conversions. 

1.Optimize the pages

What most e-commerce owners do is run ads to their products by using PPC on Google Ads. This means that when somebody searches for the product they are selling they will end up in the top results. Then, when the searcher clicks on the result they are led to the product page. 

It is very important for this page to be optimized so it entices somebody to buy right away. There should be an attractive custom banner at the top of the page and pictures that show off the product in the best light. In fact, there should be a lot of pictures so people can see the product from multiple angles. 

2.Build an email list

One of the best conversion rate methods out there is to use an email list for promotions. People on an email list are considered fans and are asking to be marketed to and are motivated buyers. The key is to build a list early on and grow it constantly.

Have something to give them in return for their email. A free download, called a lead magnet, is something that people will want as long as it is relevant and useful for them. It could be some kind of checklist or an ebook that helps them solve a problem in some way. 

Then send helpful emails on a regular schedule with promotional ones once in a while. People will want something of value and not just get an email every time you are trying to garner some extra sales. 

3.Get targeted traffic

Whether your traffic is coming from paid ads or from organic search, you will want the right people coming to the site. It is important to use SEO techniques that target buyer intent keywords so that you know the people coming to the site are there to buy and not just out of curiosity. 

When running ads, for example, make sure to bid only on those keywords that will result in more sales. These are keywords with qualifiers such as “best product for x”, or “is product x the best”.