The way we sleep is continuously evolving. A long time ago, the first humans developed beds made from leaves and other soft materials to make sure that each night felt comfortable. The following generations continued developing beds and pillows that were even more comfortable.

As with most aspects of life, digital technologies such as apps and other software are changing the way we sleep. The evolution of these innovations has only made nights better and, of course, the changes are far from done. So how can tech aid us in our sleep? Here are some of the best apps you can use for better sleep.


Noisli is more than just a sleeping app. It touts itself as a concentration and relaxation app and these are exactly what this does. For just $2 on the iOS and PlayStore, Noisli will help you generate white noise that you are comfortable with. You can mix and match from an array of natural sounds including chirping birds, rain, and even a breeze. If you have a problem with insomnia, this might be a great solution for you.


Sleeping apps don’t have to always be about software that helps us sleep, software that helps us wake up on time are counted as well. In this light, one of the top and most innovative alarm apps out there is AlarMon.

AlarMon is a South Korean app that’s more than just an alarm. It has an assortment of ways to wake you up but perhaps the most unique feature it has is the video game alarm. True to its name, this alarm wakes you up by forcing you to play games. Aside from this, AlarMon also wakes you up to the catchy and lively tune of Kpop songs from idols.


There are people that sleep soundly to the sound of natural things while there are those that can sleep well through the sound of others as they tell stories. This is the very foundation of Calm for iOS and Android. While it is free-to-use, we recommend getting the premium edition for $70 a year.

One of the best features of calm is its Sleep Stories section. You can play an assortment of stories read by soothing voices and even some notable names. Moreover, Calm also features bedtime stories that are suitable for kids! It even has ASMR videos if that’s your thing.

Sleep Cycle

One of the best ways to help yourself get over from bad sleeping habits is by first monitoring how you sleep. While sleep specialists are recommended for the job, you can first try monitoring yourself at home with a free-to-use Android and iOS app called Sleep Cycle.

Though it’s just an app, Sleep Cycle has advanced features that can determine how well you’ve slept for the night. Aside from that, Sleep Cycle can also give you tips on how you can optimize your sleeping time.

There are countless other sleeping apps out there and we’ve barely scratched the surface. If you want to open yourself up to longer nights, make sure to utilize these helpful innovations right at the comfort of your mobile device.