Properly formatted content is actually the backbone of improving SEO ranks. How important is the position of a website? Does it affect buying decisions? To get more clarity about this point, let us go through an example. We all search online for products that we wish to purchase. Online buying is the strongest procuring option these days because you can get several things in minutes.

As compared to this, going through markets and visiting shops to get stuff is a lot more cumbersome. Every website does not generate good sales volumes. One of the reasons is having a low SEO rank. It is a common saying that websites not ranked on the top page are as bad as buried. No one bothers checking what they have to offer. Thus, for any brand, getting to the first page of results is the top most priority.

  • Well formatted and written content is a ladder that takes a website to the very top. Glancing the top rated websites of each niche would make you realize that content standard is extremely important. It is essential to offer readability to users if you expect them to purchase things.
  • They have to be convinced and satisfied about what they are spending money on. For instance, why would someone buy a lamp which has format related mistakes in the description? Serious buyers notice these points. They give a lot of importance to the overall caliber of the content. The best online text editors can help in preparing state of the art content. This would eventually strengthen the website SEO position.

Prepostseo online text editor

There are very few tools which offer all the required features to writers. Here are some features which help with content preparation.

  • Prepostseo plain text editor has all the text formatting options that writers need. You can bold text, use italics, underline selected text or use the strike through alternative if required. All these options are needed when content has to be prepared. If you have headings in the content, they have to be written with bold font. Similarly, numerical or pointed bullets are used if a list has to be added. This editing tool is top notch in every way so writers get everything they need.
  • Writers lose their concentration when they have to deal with complicated editors. It becomes a problem for them when features have to be searched. This editor has a straightforward layout and there are icons for each option. Table insertion can be counted as an example. If a table has to be inserted to elaborate statistical data, writers do not have to search through drop down menus. An individual icon has been provided at the very top for this purpose. When you click it, you would be required to specify the rows and columns. After that, the table would automatically appear where the cursor is present. Most editors do not provide so much ease of use.
  • A text editor comes in handy for typing / creating content. However, when it comes to saving, the tool should support prominent formats. In most cases, writers have to select the typed content, paste them in a new document (PDF or DOC) and then save the file. It is obvious that this step would result in unnecessary time consumption. You can exempt this process with this editing tool because it offers direct saving. Below the text box, you would see the “Save as PDF” and “Save as DOC” buttons. Depending on the format you need, click either of them and the file would be downloaded automatically.

Typely online editor

Most writers prefer online editors as they are easier to use. This tool runs without any setups so a lot of time is saved.

  • If you are seeking free editing tools, this is one option you should consider on a serious scale. It does not have any charges and you can edit as many content options as needed.
  • There is a “settings” tab which offers further options for making changes. If you want to increase the font size, apply the required check under it.
  • This tool is not difficult to use by any means. If you are an inexperienced writer and new to online editors, you would still not face any issues.


This tool suits all writers who seek online editors for free. No device setup files have to be installed to use it. You only have to open the link and start typing.

  • It is one of the editors with the simplest of user interfaces. However, users have to go through an initial signup
  • Even the most prolific writers make errors while working with the highest level of concentration. For instance, a period may be skipped or comma may be used without the need being there. It is quite impossible to track these errors while preparing the content. Hence, this editor helps you by locating these errors. Correcting those means that the content is edited at the highest level.  One should never format that websites with unedited content are penalized by Google. This is because they bring down that standard of content which the search engine aims at offering to the readers.

Editing tool by Twinword

Unlike a lot of other editing tools, this one does not overlook errors. For each error made, a correct suggestion is given to the writer. He does not have to go through excessive brainstorming and rectify the error. The access is free and in terms of quality, this online editor is among the top ones. There is no long list of drop down menus and selection options which the writer needs to examine. As the content is written, grammatical and format related errors will be shown. When each of them is right clicked, the suggested correction will appear. Writers simply have to make the replacement for each mistake and the content will become 100% edited. In other words, it can be submitted without checking anything else.