Accountants and bookkeepers use accounting software to record and report a firm’s financial transactions. Accounting software has different features. For larger organizations, integrating a large amount of data from numerous departments may be a customized, integrated solution. Choosing off-the-shelf software is often the best choice for small businesses. Accounting software helps small business owners track receivables and payables, have a clearer picture of their profitability, and stay organized.


This is a cloud-based software that offers a variety of web-based work-from-home business solutions such as Low-cost ERP Software, Accounting System, InvoiceNow, Peppol ID Registration, and enable integration of third-party’s solutions. Some reasons to consider this software your best choice are Met Stringent Standards – It Is In Compliance with Regulatory

Standards, Peppol E-invoice Ready Solution, Integration With 3rd Party’s Apps, 120

Men-Years Of Accumulated Experience, PayNow QR Code, Language-on-Demand, A Hybrid System: Cloud or On-Premises and Support Multi-OS, Flexible, can be upgraded, upscaled and expanded, Standardising Business Processes and Process Redesign, and Security and Data Backup. This software maintains its focus to deliver low-cost, efficient yet robust ERP and business solutions that help SMEs and Micro Enterprises to effectively manage their business, unlock their business potential and drive growth. To become the user’s preferred choice of solution provider is our ultimate goal.


This is an organization where growth is necessary to transform the way people work and think. A system like this supports the ambition of entrepreneurs around the world by integrating accounting, payroll, and payment systems. Initially, this too has started as a small business and now it has reached its milestones. We provide a new generation of solutions to manage everything from money to people, to drive today’s business builders. This technology provides important information to make fast and informed decisions anytime and anywhere. We do offer choice, support, expertise, and innovation to enhance business builders and provide world-leading advice and support to be a champion. Our vision is for a world where economic stability and social equality are shared by all people and communities.


This is a cloud-based software used to change the game in small businesses. This basically helps people to connect on any device anytime they want. Its main features are: Pay bills, Claim expenses, Bank connections, Accept payments, Track projects, Bank reconciliation, Manage contacts, Capture data, Pay runs, Files, Reporting, Inventory, Send invoices, Multi-currency accounting, Purchase Orders, Quotes, Sales tax, and Analytics Plus.

Smart Cursors

This software is designed to assist accounting practices to digitalize business operations and service your clients. Some of its features are

  1. Minutes and Registers
  2. Dynamic Document Templates
  3. Communicator Tool
  4. Visual Dashboard

This mainly enhances productivity as it is considered one of the secured cloud-based platforms and also reliable to access anytime with lesser paperwork. This helps in making better decisions and improves profitability. Going digital is proven to be beneficial because this makes it automatic, efficient, real-time, and secure. FreshBooks

This software is used to Ensure Compliance With Accurate Reporting & Protect Yourself From Audits. Revenue items are identified, and any expenses associated with them are calculated, giving you an accurate measure of profits and losses. A system of automatic checks and balances ensures debits and credits are equal, thereby reducing errors on the books throughout the year and when you file taxes. Some of its important features are Balance Sheet, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accountant Access, Trial Balance, Cost of Goods Sold, Chart of Accounts, and Journal Entries.

ABSS (formerly known as MYOB)

This software is used to make your accounting process fully automatic and the information flows through every area of your business. The award-winning ASS, formerly known as MYOB, is a business management software for Asian businesses that enables you to manage your business no matter what your level of accounting experience is. Easy accounting software for a small and midsize business. Basically, it helps in Saving Time, Better finances management, and Stay Compliant


This is cloud-based software used by any educational institution that provides a management system for tuition and enrichment centers all over the island. This software helps in monitoring expenses, keeping records of students’ attendance, teachers’ payroll, creating lessons, communicate with students as well as their parents, and even generate end-of-day closing summaries. Its important feature is that it can be used by an unlimited number of users. It is an excellent option for any academic institution in Singapore looking for an accounting system with the ability to reduce the workload of teaching staff and improve the student experience.

Autocount Accounting

The AutoCount Accounting software, which has been on the market for over 20 years, transforms unnecessary business processes into efficient and convenient streamlined procedures. It has been proven to be the most prominent accounting software especially, AutoCount POS that integrates inventory control, sales, purchase, and other accounting modules. It is considered to be fully compliant with statutory requirements and is customizable. This is also dedicated to customer support that can answer all your questions immediately, any time of the day.


This software is created for small-business accounting needs as well as for personal use. One of the most important features is that it is a user-friendly interface, which is good news for users who aren’t that technologically competent that can keep records of their business expenses, stocks, income, and bank accounts.

This provides an interface for managing financial transactions, as it calls a checkbook-style register. Managing multiple currencies, separating transactions, and seeing multiple accounts from a single-window are all possible. This software is accessible through all desktop operating systems


This is software that focuses on managing the finances, monitoring inventory, and gaining business insights. The monthly subscription price ranges from $11.50 to $23.54 per month, making it among the most affordable accounting software available in Singapore for small businesses. Accounting plans, regardless of their tier, include features that businesses need to improve their daily operations, including expenses tracking, unlimited invoices, secure cloud storage, and customizable reports. Its main quality is found that users can immediately find a particular transaction because it comes with organized categories. Depending on the needs of their business, users can degrade or upgrade their plans at any time.