Payroll software’s are a boon to every business firms which helps down in lowering down the manpower and time that is devoted to managing the payroll requirements of the company. Usage of payroll software ensures that the employees do not suffer any salary delays and receive timely payments. The payroll software are of great help for both owners and employees as they keep everything managed. Using payroll services also gives you the advantage of reduction of errors and enhances the accuracy rate in the payments and bookkeeping. Here are the top 10 accounting payroll software in Canada.

1. Ceridian Dayforce HCM

Ceridian is a payroll software widely used in business firms for managing their payroll needs. This is a well-organised software with clean aesthetics. This is a user-friendly software, and one can get well versed with this software within some time. It is API integrated and allows the passage of information from the Ceridian software to a third party platform that is pre-approved. It is compatible with mobile phones which gives you the ease of managing such things from your handheld device. Ceridian excels in providing enterprise level solutions and is highly customized to meet the needs of the user.

2. Simple pay Canada

Simple Pay Canada is another payroll software that is popular in the country and can be integrated with Freshbooks and Xero. It is a software that is a full package of awesome features to gives you the advantage of a user friendly software especially when you are trying to look for reporting options. It has the ability of generating pay stubs and payroll costs automatically which makes it a convenient software to be used which will also save you a good amount of time.

3. Payment Evolution

If you are looking out for a sure shot payroll software that can manage all your tasks related to payrolls, then Payment Evolution offers you a one-stop solution for all your payroll needs. They are a budgeted software that is easy to use and can be installed quickly to give you a user friendly experience. It is an online software thus gives you the privilege of using this software from any browser. Payroll stubs, payment of taxes, direct deposits, you can use all these features using this software from anywhere irrespective of the place you might be in.

4. Grandmaster suite

Grandmaster suite is so designed to meet the basic requirements of a payroll company and offers flexibility in handling complex payroll requirements. This is one of the most popular payroll software used across Canada and can handle the most complex situations of payroll as well. They are easy to use, and one can easily get well acquainted with using this software with a minimum of learning. It offers a secure platform for managing your payrolls and also provides you multiple administrator access.

5. Easypay

Easypay payroll software is another software that you would love to use for managing your payrolls. As the name defines this software is easy to use and is a reliable one that has been serving over 30 years and stands as one of the most trusted accounting software of Canada. This software can be deployed in business firms of all size because of the flexibility it offers and is a highly recommended software for payroll solutions. The features include direct deposits, online pay stubs, G/L interfaces, etc. which makes it a powerful tool for all medium-sized and small sized businesses.

6. Wagepoint

Wage point is a software that has been launched recently and stand as new in the payroll solution market but offers payroll services with perfection that you would love to use it for your business. This software can be easily integrated with Xero and QBO and is a time savior due to the automated option it provides by setting up the payrolls that run on its own after a defined time band. It offers a tracking option that gives you control over tracking all the transactions that are being made and is an application that is compatible with tablets providing you the ease of usage.

7. Collage

Collage is a highly used payroll software in Canada and offers group benefits apart from the normal Hr and payroll solutions that any other payroll software would provide. This software can be comfortably in all sorts of business that lies in the range of a small and medium sized business scale. This can also be synchronized with google calendars, Microsoft outlook, ICal, etc. and makes it a software that you would enjoy to use. You can use this software on your mobiles which gives you the advantage of managing your payrolls from anywhere in the world.

8. UltiPro

Ultipro payroll software is one of its kind and has a global network and serves its functionality in many countries making it an ultimate software to be used for your payroll requirements. It helps you to save your time and requires a minimal amount of labor and capital refraining you from investing much of time in managing the payrolls of your company. This software encompasses intelligent tools that enhances the performance and time management feature of this software.

9. Wave Payroll

Wave payroll software is apt for usage in businesses that lies in the small size scale. One can use the features of accounting, managing payrolls, invoices, receipt handling, etc. using this software. This is another user friendly software and excels in handling the employee’s data. It comes at an affordable price thus not laying much stress on the user’s pocket thus making it a feasible option of managing payroll services using this software.

10. QuickBooks Online

If you are looking out for a simple payroll system that offers effectiveness in its operation, then QBO is one of the best options that you can consider in this regard. It can track all the transactions that are made and offers easy reconciliation process. This software also provides assistance if you land down in any sort of problems and gives you automated option of maintaining your payrolls reducing duplicity and errors.