Large scale or small scale, starting a business, and running it is more challenging than what many entrepreneurs let on. While on a larger scale business scenario, the necessary resources and workforce needed to ensure the proper functioning of your business would be readily available, the same cannot be said for smaller-scale businesses. Starting with a small business is indeed very challenging. Setting up a business without having a proper background in the field is tough. Half of the time, it might not be affordable to appoint interns to help you out with accounting and the likely tasks. Adding to it, if you’re a business owner who is always on the go, mostly spending time out of your office, it can be hard to keep track of your accounts. This difficulty is why there is a massive demand for bookkeeping apps today. It is necessary to monitor the accounting processes of one’s company closely. While more prominent companies have lots of facilities for bookkeeping, small businesses often struggle in this aspect. But this shouldn’t be the case anymore as mobile bookkeeping apps are very much affordable and also do all the functions necessary for bookkeeping like managing expenses, sending invoices, and tracking money flow. The most appealing part about these apps is that one can access it from anywhere from one’s phone, thus allowing you to check on it even if you’re not at your office.

Some of the best apps for bookkeeping for small businesses include:

1.    Intuit QuickBooks: 

Intuit is a software package for cloud accounting. It is designed to satisfy the demands of growing businesses. It is user-friendly and comparatively easy to use. It comes with a one-month free trial period, and the features come in affordable plans. This app helps in customizing reports and invoices. It also makes online banking easier. 

2.    Wave

Wave is an online platform for bookkeeping and accounting that is created to suit the needs of growing companies and freelancers. It is a secure solution available free of cost. It user-friendly and can be used on the move.  Products are offered under three main categories, namely, Accounting, Invoicing and Receipts. It ensures efficiency in tracking income and expenses and helps in creating professional invoices.

3.    Freshbooks

The Freshbooks is a web-based accounting software-as-service program, handled by 2ndSite Inc. It is aimed at improving the accounting experiences for small businesses. The main features include facilities for accounting, invoicing, time tracking, estimating, reporting, payments, and projects. They also offer an all-rounder mobile experience with their Freshbooks Mobile Accounting App. 

4.    Xero

Xero is another web-based accounting system created to suit the needs of small and growing businesses. It has a free trial and is quite affordable for small scale businesses. It comes with many different features, is easy to use, and can be accessed from any device. The main features include invoicing, multi-currency accounting, reporting, data capturing, accepting payments, etc. 

5.    Zoho Books

Zoho Books is a cloud-based bookkeeping solution for small, growing businesses. Products are offered under five efficient plans with prices that can be easily afforded. Services are provided in sales, marketing, finance, etc. The Finance services provided are beneficial and include invoicing, expense reporting, easy payment methods, etc.

6.    Hiveage

Hiveage is another software-as-service program that helps in online bookkeeping. It is sketched out to satisfy the freelancers and small businesses and is affordable. It comes with a fourteen-day free trial. The main features of Hiveage are online invoicing, recurring billing, time tracking, mileage tracking, expenses tracking, financial reporting, estimating, payment gateways, etc.

7.    Sage 50cloud

This software, previously known as Peachtree, this is a simple and affordable package of bookkeeping and accounting products launched by the Sage Group that takes into account the needs and necessities of small and medium-sized businesses. Some of the essential services offered include invoicing, monitoring cash flow and payments, banking, and advanced inventory management.

8.    Kashoo

Kashoo is another affordable and user-friendly cloud-based solution for accounting and bookkeeping aimed at small businesses. It is useful and gets work no matter where you are accessing it from the web, or your mobile. It is affordable and comes with a 14 day trial period. The main features include invoicing, tracking expenses and income, recording receipts and data, monitoring cash flow and finances, etc.

9.    ZipBooks

ZipBooks is a free cloud-based accounting and payment processing solution launched to make bookkeeping easier for small businesses and accountants. It is a free solution; the advanced features and facilities are also affordable. The main features include invoicing and billing, accounting, reviews and growth, and intelligent insights and reports.

10. FreeAgent

FreeAgent is a cloud-based solution for accounting and bookkeeping, aimed at small businesses. It is also of great help for freelancers and accountants. It is affordable and comes with a 30-day free trial. It can be accessed and used from the web and also has dedicated mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. The main features include invoicing, estimating, time tracking, banking, business insights with Radar, etc.

Bookkeeping is an essential process in accounting. It is the process that deals with tracking and recording of financial transactions. Thus, it keeps records of all the receipts regarding payments, sales, etc.