Business process management software comprises of a combination of technology solutions and various services that will help in the automation process. Apart from automating, a business process management software will help in execution, controlling, measuring and optimizing various business processes of a company. Every company has a certain set of goals and these business process management software will help in streamlining the tasks and management of organization so that the goals of a certain company are achieved.

There are so many organizations in and around Canada that are using the BPM software for the management of their organization. They use the software in order to support their goals and also to get rid of the daily tasks, etc. A business project management software is a must have for any organization out there irrespective of its size.

Here are the top ten business process management software available in Canada.

ProMapp Business Process Management Software

ProMapp is a business process management software that is perfect for medium to large sized organizations. It enables the business to create as well as share the process knowledge with the help of central repository. The promapp software is not confined to a particular business. It is suitable for various fields in the market including health care, retail, transportation, education, more. It enables the teams to process the Visio charts, procedure maps and process maps into the centralized process.

The Promapp allows the team members of an organization to work in a friendly and collaborative environment by providing them an option to share the business process ideas with others in real time. The users can write their business ideas in the text format and then convert it into images and visual process maps. The infographics are very effective when compared to the words. The drill down feature allows the users to retrieve the details from various types of documents like forms, policies and guides.

The promapp allows individuals from various organizations to collaborate on the process building.

Wrike Software

Wrike is a cloud based software. It facilitates project management software as well as acts as a platform for the collaboration of team. The users will be able to manage external and internal requests with the help of a built-in forms and then assign the work to different teams based on their schedules and availability. Wrike gives the provision for the users to edit the documents online. The users can review and approve the multimedia files in the software itself.

Wrike gives the team lead a chance to manage the workflow and visualize all the tasks perfectly. The progress of each task is tracked with the help of Gantt chart and the team performance will be evaluated with the custom reports. The solution offers the provision for project and team level reporting. This reporting will help the stakeholders to keep the track of the projects in real time.

Wrike can be integrated with various tools and can be used for the management of the tasks in organization.

KiSSFLOW Software

KiSSFLOW is a cloud based business process management software by OrangeScape Technologies. It helps in automating the business and tracks the performance of the business from time to time. This software is suitable for all businesses irrespective of their sizes and is apt for all types of industries too. KiSSFLOW helps in initiating the process requests, check the items that require user actions and approval of any pending items.

It helps the Human resource department in the organization by managing various processes like employee onboarding, vacation request approvals, timesheet management, work flow of each employee and payroll management. The software also has the ability to manage the purchase orders and their approvals, purchase requisition workflow processes and payment process approvals. KiSSFLOW integrates with various products of Google and can be integrated with various other third party software seamlessly. The tool allows to keep the track of the project process, managing the analytics and generating the reports based on analytics. KiSSFLOW can also be used on iOS and Android devices.

NotoWare Software

Notoware is a cloud based software that will help in disseminating the workflow for employees. It is a management solution with all the required information of the business, employees can access the information present in the software at any time without any hassle. The employers can update the latest information on Notoware software including the tasks and instructions for the employees. All the latest updates from the employers area shared with the employees in real time. The employees also collaborate with other employees and share, discuss about the projects within the software only.

Notoware helps in organizing the procedural information in the cloud-based application providing the remote access for employees.

The software has a search bar facility and entering keywords in the search bar will provide the users with the data related to the keyword. There are so many drop down menus with a lot of information in them and providing quick access for the users. The solution also has knowledge repository option where the companies can store the training related to the projects and this training can be used for future references.

CWA Process and QM Suite Software

CWA process and QM suite software are designed based on a cloud platform. This software helps the employees in order to manage their organizational workflow and take care of all the processes happening in the organization. The software provides various tools for the process optimization, resource modelling and the publication of documents and processes. The users will be able to create process maps that will help in the key management identification so that all the employees of an organization get access to the dependencies and business structure. The process modelling can be completed using the BPMN notation. The display feature of symbols allows the users to represent the key elements such as standards, documents, risks, key data, roles.

The software already caters the inbuilt workflow management tools which will help the organization in so many ways. Through this software the users can manage the reviews, approve the tasks, publications, etc. The software provides the graphical representation of the changes that the users has made to process the workflow. There is a feature called document management system which allows the users to note the changes that has been made to certain documents, when a document has been reviewed and modified. is another cloud based process management software. It is perfect for the small and medium sized businesses across various types of industries.  The solution offers the users to manage different projects and provide the knowledge sharing facility among the team members. The team members can interact within the software and share all the details, documents and some other files in the software itself. The software is capable of integration. It can be integrated with so many third party applications like Dropbox, Google Drive, Pipedrive, JIRA, Google Calendar, Mailchimp and some other third party applications can be integrated with the help of

Most of the businesses in Canada are opting for because of its easy to use interface. app is present on Google Play Store and Apple Store. The users can access the information about the business through this app too and organize all the tasks in the app itself.

DevSuite Software

DevSuite is a cloud based software by TechExcel. It is a business cycle process management software that will help in taking care of the business and manage it. It helps the business with developing, designing, testing and sharing of knowledge. The software can be deployed immediately and it offers support for various development projects. DevSuite enables the automation of business processes by defining certain rules and the workflows that are needed to be followed. The software has the bidirectional tracing feature using which the process can be tracked from time to time. DevSuite offers so many inbuilt templates that are helpful in the curating the reports. These templates can be customized so that they can be modified as per the user requirement. It also offer some additional features like workflow standardization, test case management, personalized user experience, search feature and scalability. It has a central repository for the digital asset management.

Digital Business Transformation Suite Software

Digital business transformation suite software is one such software which will help a business with digitization and the management of several programs on a single platform. The solution can be implemented directly onto the premise or can be hosted on cloud. The key features of this software include the process mapping and analysis, collaboration, lifecycle governance, strategy to execution planning, enterprise architecture, workflow management and automation, etc. The software helps the users by providing a repository which allows the users to record the business entity and manage it from time to time. The roles, procedures, policies, resources, risks, organizational units, policies and controls are stored in this repository.

Process Street Software

Process street software is one of the most used cloud based business process management software in Canada. It gives the provision of creating checklists, web forms, permission controls, reporting and scheduling tools. The software is used in various businesses irrespective of their size and industry. The solution helps in various business functions such as setup of the client, employee onboarding, recruitment, on desk support, promotion of content.

Users will be able to manage the multiple projects with the help of Process street software. They can review the ongoing tasks and assign the tasks to the team members and also collaborate with them when required. The entire interface of process street software is very interactive and professional. The platform can be integrated with various types of software available in the market including Salesforce, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

bpm’ Online Software

Bpm’ online software can be considered as an all in one solution for the requirements of a business. The software can be used to streamline and automate the processes of company and at the same time it also works as a customer relationship management platform. The solution helps the companies to manage the life cycle of customers from the leads to sales and then the ongoing customer service.

The software will help the users to view the marketing, sales and service reports with the help of a single CRM software platform. bpm’ online software provides three products that can be integrated or used as a single software. The bpm’ online marketing tool is a multi channel marketing platform which helps the specialists to create and support the ongoing communication with the clients. Bpm’ software helps in managing the sales process from the lead generation to the management of repeat customers. There are so many service tools that will help in the customer engagement. The Bpm’ software can be deployed directly to the computer or can be used via cloud.

These are the top ten business process management tools that are used in Canada. Canada is a very advanced country and they adapt the latest technologies very easily. So it has become important for the businesses present in Canada to automate their business and workflow with the help of a software.