The best healthcare solution is very important for every clinic today to stay competitively viable. One of the biggest challenges that are faced by every clinic is managing cost-effectiveness while maintaining practice growth and patient satisfaction. With a clinic management system (CMS), it is now easy to maintain strong control over administrative tasks like appointment scheduling, drug and commodity inventory. There are many best clinic management systems, so it might be daunting to choose the best one. Here are some lists of the top 10 clinic management systems that you should know.

What is a clinic management system?

Nowadays, the healthcare solution industry has boomed to assist clinics and support them to stay viable. CMS is much like hospital management software which is suited to support clinics and smaller healthcare establishments in automating various operations. This system enables independent medical practices to achieve their primary aim. A clinical management system helps in various works, from patient management to appointment and pharmacy management. This system helps the clinic administrator in streamlining various clinic software features such as doctor management, patients managements, and more. The system completely focuses on simplifying the workflow, streamlining patient lifecycle at the clinic, producing accurate claims and reducing shows.

Some key features of the clinic management system

The best clinic management system will possess some key features to cope up with the increased number of patients and resulting workload. Some features of the clinic management system list below to look for sorting them.

  • Clinic management
  • Consultation
  • Patient’s management
  • Vaccination pending reminders
  • Prescription management
  • In-built Queuing system
  • Appointments, scheduling
  • Reminders management
  • Report generation
  • Lead generation and tracking, and more.

Benefits of using the clinic management system

The use of a clinic management system offers various benefits for users by helping in several ways. The use of a clinic management system reduces the chances of file misplacement, fraud, loss of data are high and also simplifies the various task. Here are some benefits of using CMS that you need to know.

  • A clinic management system helps the doctors to get rid of papers, registers, and documents. All these works are not only hard to manage but also to store and prone to wear and tear.
  • With this system, doctors can keep constant tabs on patients’ health reports and analyze previous medical reports. It made all these things easier for the users. Within just a few clicks, doctors can get the medical history of the patients and improved medical care is assured.
  • CMS bridges the gap between patients, doctors, nurses and medical staff by enhancing the coordination between various departments. With CMS, everyone can be connected.
  • It improves the efficiency of clinical practice by automating various tasks. It simplifies the task of managing patient’s records, billing, inventory management, appointment and other tasks.
  • The clinic management system allows doctors and other people to use paper-free practices in this stiff competitive world. It optimizes the doctor’s Time to increase for the clinic. 
  • In CMS, 100% data accuracy is assured, so there is no chance of wrong treatments. Additionally, it also reduces the operating costs of a clinic which in turn improves the productivity level.
  • Patients and people will not compromise with the quality of medical care, so it is very important for clinics and hospitals to offer effective service. With clinic management software, they can achieve it easily. Clinical practice will increase efficiency and improve the quality of patient care.

Top 10 clinic management system

Medicel EMR

It is one of the best clinic management systems that help doctors, physicians, and clinic administrators better manage their clinic and its various verticals. MedixcelEMR comes with various features like patient scheduling and appointments, case tracking and billing. It offers medical and administrative data management capabilities for the users. The clinic management system is specially designed for outpatient medical practices and ensures better patient treatment, practice profitability and customer service. Some other features of the Medical EMR clinic management system are radiology management, appointment management, Billing and invoicing, patient history and patient management and more.

Doc Engage

This system assists clinics with patient records management and offers seamless and secure integration. It is a completely integrated solution for all hospital management requirements from the front office, accounts, clinical marketing, sales and more. With this CMS, clinics can efficiently manage many patients’ records with extreme ease. It is a wise option to use DocEngage to become top in healthcare adoption and technology front. Patient monitoring, laboratory management, electronic medical records, mobile app, social media integration and pharmacy management are some key features of DocEngage.


It is a window based solution that helps hospitals improve their services, reduce cost and improve quality. Trio clinic management system features a user-friendly interface that can be customized and scaled as per the requirements. This system is compatible with Window operating systems which is available on requested pricing. Transaction security, consumption, data security, layered architecture, detailed reports, SMS and email configurations are some benefits of Trio.

It also supports a wide variety of billing formats which enables the users to offer wise service discounts, co-pay facilities, and health cards to their patients. It nearly sends in 150 types of notifications based on IPD, inventory and OPD related transactions. The Trio features diet plan management, visitor management, patient inquiry management, radiology management and more.

Qmarksoft clinic management

It is one of the most powerful clinic management systems that offer clinics with state-of-the-art automation features. Qmarksoft is an innovative solution that empowers the clinics and offers a complete package for almost every operation in the clinics. With this Qmarksoft clinic management system, prescriptions, patients, drugs, appointments, and many others can be managed efficiently. Manpower management, role-based access, patient history, accounting and taxation, billing and invoicing are some features of the Qmarksoft clinic management system.

Live health 

Live health offers a high-class customer experience with integrated medical & lab workflows, instrument interfacing, account management and more. It offers clear and crisp communication between users to improve patient experience and drive retention. Live health has a safe and secure in-built integrated payment system and makes accessibility easier with intelligible UI. Currently, it is offering service to more than 1500+ clinics with a stellar record of 74.8% in user experience improvements they are only growing.

 It also offers a complete mobile experience for doctors to maintain and grow their business and functional to serve from small clinics to large hospitals. It is the best software for clinic and hospital management services and works energetically to improve customer satisfaction for patients and user access for doctors. This system has a very high rate of interest with reduced costs by automating unnecessary processes and helped many clinics prosper all over the country.


It is a clinic management system that helps healthcare institutions by delivering grade billing management. This system reduces the paperwork drastically by simplifying and automating the billing process and removing the requirement for manual intervention. With MediSteer, it is possible to handle various verticals of billing and accounting like credit purchase, ledger, bookkeeping, analysis and balance sheets.

Practo Atom Ray

By using this clinic management system, clinics can perform billing management and appointment scheduling effectively. Practo Atom Ray helps doctors with appointment scheduling, managing their patient database. Also, this clinic management system helps in digitally sharing medical reports with patients. It allows patients to follow up conveniently from their homes and makes an appointment.

Clinic master

It is a scalable clinic management system that is accessible from any device like smartphone or tablet, desktop and web. Clinicmaster simplifies every aspect of appointment booking and other scheduling. It helps firms to handle scheduling, charting and billing operations. Clinicmaster offers various features like customer relationship administration, notifications, analytics, compliance tracking and more. It allows medical professionals to track patients’ health records, customer interaction via chat functionality etc. Additionally, it supports integration with diverse third-party platforms and offers support via phone, webinars and others.

Hale Mind

It is widely used by clinics for reducing everyday workflows and streamlining better patient management processes. HaleMind is being used by healthcare providers to automate various processes, develop and transform their practice. It also digitizes the clinic records aside from verifying these regularly for any existing errors. With this system, doctors get real-time access to patient files from anywhere at any time. Some features of Halemind is Electronic medical record (EMR), Time, staff management, smart analytics, patient engagement, efficient practice and cost-saving. It has built-in systems for smart analytics, digital prescriptions, health records, and patient’s portal.


MocDoc is a clinic management system that consists of modules that aid in supervising multiple branches simultaneously. This improves productivity and establishes coordination among all the employees. It centralizes all workflows, eases reporting and also facilitates the digitalization of clinic appointments. It features reporting and analytics, dashboard, payment gateway integration, electronic medical records, multi-location and outpatient management.

Summing it up

CMS offer you with the best in the class features and actually arms you in taking complete charge of your clinic. As you have seen above, there are many benefits to using a clinic management system. Before choosing the CMS, ensure to choose them wisely by considering all the requirements and their uses.