In modern days, a shift occurring in the education system would entirely change your learning style. Most students and even children like to learn things just using their mobile phones and tablets. These devices will always allow you to learn new concepts using specific educational software. Some learning software is better than others, but they all achieve the goal of helping you to learn something new which you did not know previously. The specific look at e-learning has implemented and changed student’s learning in Singapore. Singapore is the location where you can get an in-depth look at the e-learning concept, and from below, you will get the top ten education software used in Singapore.

Duolingo-language lessons:

Learning with Duolingo is really fun, and much research has shown that it works in an entertaining way. With the rapid and bite-sized lessons, you will receive points and crack new levels while gaining real-world communication skills. The courses offered in this software will effectively and efficiently teach reading, speaking, and listening skills. In this software, you will get the combination of the best AI and language science as the lessons that are tailored to assist you in learning at the correct level and pace. It will be easy to learn the language with the game features and fun challenges. So, it takes place as one of the best education software in Singapore. 


Photomath is one of the more focused learning software in Singapore. As its name implies, it is all about mathematics. It will use your camera and OCR technology to read the equations that you write down. In Particular, it will show you the step-by-step method on how it came up with the answer. Therefore, it will give you the answer and teach you how to solve the problem quickly. If you are struggling with math, this software is perfectly suitable for enhancing your math skills. In addition, the free version of this software will assist you in getting a better explanation and extra math resources. 


Udemy is one of the most popular course-style learning software in Singapore. Like other software, it focuses on your skill-based learning, such as public speaking and other stuff. It usually revolves around video lectures with example videos, and you can get this for free. Using this software, you will get a positive experience in learning the skills to enhance your future. This software will also assist you to transform lives through education by launching new careers, advancing your fields, and enriching your lives. Further, the courses offered by Udemy will help you learn and improve the skills across your business, tech, design, and more.


Coursera is the official software that lets you take hundreds of different online courses on many different topics. You can find courses in many fields, and it involves subjects like math, biology, social science, etc. If you plan to use this software, you can simply purchase it for free. Courser is the essential tool for staying up to date on everything happening in different courses. Consequently, it is one of the reasons to take the top place in the list of best education software in Singapore. Moreover, with the aid of this software, you can learn your course from the experts at world-class universities. It will be used for you to build your skills at every stage of your career with flexible and affordable options. You can also enroll in the free courses and gain in-demand job skills and certifications. 

My Skills Future:

MySkillFuture software is your personal guide for lifelong learning and skills upgrading and mastery. Using this app, you can find the best and desired course to enhance your skills by attending the latest events and workshops. It will contain bite-sized articles and operate an extensive library with e-books and industry visions to enrich yourself. A wide range of full-time training courses in this software will help you acquire in-demand and emerging skills across various sectors, especially those with good hiring opportunities. The modular format in this software will allow you to flexible early exit without penalty when you find the job. Using this software, you will get the designed courses in partnership with the industry and delivered by a continuing education training centre. 

Canvas student:

Canvas student software will make teaching easier to help everyone to understand, from the smallest learners to the college faculty and the business leaders. The learning tools in this software will support instructor innovation and student engagements. It is more than the higher education software, and it is the platform for student success. Canvas student is ranked as the top-rated mobile software for teachers and students, and giving access to everyone just what they need. It will boost the best-in-class data security and accessibility for you to learn.

Further, it will make your teacher interact individually through messages and audio. And this software also has the features of the chat group, video, and other messaging tools. Everyone needs a little downtime, but not in this source because the learning management platform will worn-out. And this software will keep your educational ecosystem going strong. 

Parents gateway:

Among certain popular software in Singapore, Parents gateway is one which comprises the parent signing a pass to interact with schools with more accessibility on administrative matters. Parents will be able to see this software to stay updated on their children’s school programming and activities. This software is currently available for mainstream MOE kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, and even college. It will be highly useful for the parents to know their children’s activities and help them to improve in their studies. If you need to know about the teachers and their teaching skills, this software will assist you in understanding them.  


Learn gov. sg software is published by the Singapore government to provide a digital learning platform that allows you to learn anywhere. It gives you all the need to upskill and reskill in your digital workplace. Using this software lets you discover the world of learning resources with the CSC’s proprietary and crated learning pathways from the renowned third-party content provider. You can use this software on your mobile phones and tablets to learn your desired subject. The advanced features of this software will make you enhance your performance and enjoy learning. The privacy practices will check by this software, and it may include handling your data with conditions of privacy. 

Snapask: Personalised study:

What makes this different from the other education software? Snapask personalised study works as the real-time tutor, and you can use this by snapping a quick picture of any homework questions and submitting it on this site. The real-time tutor features in this software will help you explain the answer until you completely understand the question. Snapask personalised study app provides a revision session to equip you to score high marks in your exam. Here is the list of significant features of this software:

  • It contains regular classes for you to revise the school syllabus so that you do not want to fall behind.
  • The free study materials and videos offered in this software will help you keep with the academic world.
  • Do quizzes in this software to keep your brain active
  • Ask questions to your tutor in the live classes
  • View your progress on the student learning dashboard.

The Snapask personalised study software has more qualified tutors from top universities, so it is taking the top position in the list of the best education software in Singapore. 

Miga-pick classroom:

The Miga-pick classroom software is useful for school students to discover their classroom, find their seats, pick up a textbook, and learn new things. The integrated classroom setting in this software will put you in protective clothing, conduct chemical experiments, and help you write the most popular song in your exclusive music classroom. Furthermore, it contains the playground session and heads you to play football and basketball to make you involved in the sports activities. The auditorium setup in this software will enhance your study and gain a wonderful performance at the graduation ceremony. The other important features of this Miga-pick classroom software are:

  • You will be completely changed as the student or teacher 
  • The analogue microphone can change your voice in this software
  • You can discover more hidden secrets
  • The unlimited gameplay in this software will trigger your imagination power.

A2 software:

The A2 software will enable you to learn the in-demand courses. It offers you an interactive live session to solve your queries instantly. This software can see the real competitive engagement metrics and usage patterns by hours and day. You can create a benchmark against the main competitors by utilising this software. Peek the hidden marketing strategies of your competitors across various industries with the help of it. Keyword research learning in this software will make it easy for you to analyse the actual traffic statistics. Furthermore, you can discover new opportunities while reducing the risk by learning your competitor’s mistakes.  

The bottom line: From the details mentioned above, you will get the complete list of the top ten education software in Singapore. By utilising this software in your learning, you will easily enhance your career by improving your skill delightfully.