ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It is the most important software for any kind of business irrespective of its size. There are so many processes that are important for running a business like inventory management, accounting, order management, customer relationship management, human resources, etc. The enterprise resource planning system will  integrate all these processes and provide all the required information at one point. For example the inventory and sales department would be able to see the product stock that is remaining and the stock that has been sold in their respective systems. ERP system is nothing but an integration platform where various departments of a particular business can access the similar information.

It provides a clear overview about the business to the entire staff. Dubai is a fast pace developed country and the establishment of small, medium and large scale businesses in this country has been increased drastically. For all the businesses that have been established in Dubai it is important to have an ERP system. This article provides the list of best ERP software systems in Dubai.

Coral Business Solutions

Coral’s RealSoft is one the most used ERP systems in Dubai. RealSoft is comprised of different modules in it and these modules will help in the better management of the business. These modules include trading, finance, manufacturing, job costing, pharmacy, contracting, real estate, etc. These modules make it easy to use for different kinds of businesses. It is VAT enabled and is the right option for the medium sized businesses due to its affordable cost.

First Bit

This is one of the best software providing companies for medium and small sized business. The interface of this software is simple and can be used for the implementation of payroll and HR apps, sales, finance, CRM, inventory and warehouse management, purchasing, manufacturing, etc. The company offers various kinds of services required for the business. The customer support provided by the company is commendable.

Ezware Technologies

Ezware Technologies is known as one of the most famous and leading ERP software company in UAE. This company offers high quality ERP solutions for all types of businesses. The company includes different types of modules in the ERP solutions. All these modules present in ERP solutions will make the implementation of business easy.

Oracle ERP

Oracle is a well known solutions provider in Dubai. The Oracle mainly focuses on the product based solutions and thus they do not provide much customization options in their software. It is designed for the big industrial companies and thus helps in the management of these companies perfectly. Some of the features of Oracle are Enterprise performance management, procurement, revenue recognition, accounting, order management, compliance and governance, inventory and supply chain, product lifecycle, financial close, etc.

Sage 100 ERP

Sage 100 ERP is the perfect software that has been designed for small and medium sized businesses. It is used for the management of resources and helps in inventory management. The manufacturing and inventory management are provided with the software directly. There are so many modules in the software which cover the different aspects of ERP such as distribution, accounting, manufacture, customer relationship management, human resources, business intelligence, project management, time management are some of them. It also allows the customer to create financial statements and provides so many predefined templates from which they can choose the best one. The product also provides the access to Sage 100 ERP cloud.


SAP ERP is the total enterprise resource solution. The software provides all the modules that are important for the running of a business. Product lifecycle, supply chain management, financial management, human capital management, customer relationship management are compiled into one software. This SAP ERP can be implemented via cloud, on the computer or hybrid according to the requirement. It can be integrated with various other software in order to yield good results. SAP ERP helps you to manage the whole business without much hassle. It is perfect for any kind of business irrespective of its size and is highly scalable. It can be modified according to your growth.

Brainsphere ERP software

Brainsphere IT solutions is one of the most famous software solutions company in Middle East Countries. The Brainsphere has been serving more than 500+ companies in the Middle East Countries and garnered a great impression amongst their clients. Brainsphere is a perfect option for all kinds of businesses irrespective of their size. It is highly scalable and can be changed according to the changes in the business. It provides increased operational facility, improved customer satisfaction, tracks the customers and helps in following them up when required. The inventory management is handled with utmost care. The centralized framework is provided for all the businesses for better management.

Marg ERP9+

Marg ERP9+ is one of the most used ERP software in Dubai. The software has all the features that is important for the resource management of a business. It is perfect for small, medium sized and large scale businesses. It provides different modules which can be customized depending upon the business, there are customized modules for retail business, manufacturers, distributors, etc. It also provides Android app for the customers for easy access. Order management, touch POS, integration with the eCommerce platforms, barcode scanning, sales force automation are some of the modules that you will find in Marg ERP9+.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft dynamics NAV is the ERP software that has been launched by Microsoft. It is a combination of collaboration, business intelligence and the communication tools. It provides the rich functionality for your business to reach the goals.There are so many amazing features in the Microsoft Dynamic NAV which made it the ideal option for most of the businesses out there. The software is on high end and is suitable for large scale businesses.

Pact ERP

Here is another amazing software that is ideal for the small and medium sized businesses. The Pact ERP software is highly customizable and scalable according to the business. As the business is increased, the software can be modified according to the business. Pact ERP has all the features that are essential for the running of a business. It acts as a centralized platform with all the required information in it. It can be accessed as per the requirements by the entire staff of a company.