Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software are tools that help you in managing your business more efficiently. It integrates with the internal system for improved accuracy in business functions. The business operations handled by ERP software include marketing, sales, finance, CRM, inventory, and human resources. Some systems can also add some process-specific functions such as project management and preparing everything related to it. ERP software solutions are usually considered expensive, but in the recent years, a considerable drop can be seen in the cost. With the decrease in prices, many small and medium-sized businesses are also switching to it. Here is the list of top 10 ERP software tools in Canada.

1. Sage Intact

This software can alone handle most if your business transactional processes. The core accounting features the software have include cash management, payable and receivable account, and general ledger. It also provides tax and sales processing. The areas in which it is applicable are healthcare, retail, and wholesale industries. Videos and webinars are also available to learn the software which makes everything easy. The system can also work in automation, and the access controls also help you in preventing the data breach. Intact can be easily integrated with other applications like CRM, travel management, and online payments.

2. Bright Pearl

It is a software to run your back office functions smoothly. It can be accessed from any device and at any time. It integrates with business top business operations such as CRM, inventory, accounting, supply chain, order management, POS, reporting, and analytics. It works of processes of marketing, purchasing, sales, e-commerce, and finance. It automates the accounting processes and saves the time you invest in bookkeeping. Looking onto the price, the features are worth it. You can choose the features and plans based on the growth and needs of your business.

3. Netsuit ERP

It is the best software for growing companies. It integrates with order management, revenue management, financial management, inventory, billing, and fixed assets. It offers real-time monitoring on financial close and revenue. It processes sales quite, fulfillment, billing, invoicing, and collection. It reduces the manual work by automating sales and finance processes. The team can customize the dashboard tool according to their job role. Also, an add-on of human capital management helps in analyzing staff productivity and helps in improving performance.

4. Odoo

Odoo is built on an open source framework. The software offers project management, accounting, purchase, human resource, inventory, manufacturing, and back office modules to make business operations simpler for you. It is an extended software, and that’s why it offers integrity with sales apps, CRM, POS, e-commerce, and web builder. In addition to functional modules, the software also provides a large number of compatible apps. Every month new apps are built to improve functionality and productivity. More than 1000 modules are offered to starters in the beginning, and after some time you get the flexibility to develop your own apps.

5. ECount ERP

ECount ERP is counted among the most affordable business software with sufficient features. The operations offered by this software include management of sales, production, inventory, accounting, purchasing, and payroll. Since its cloud-based, you don’t need to worry about the cost of hardware and maintenance. For small and medium-sized companies, it is an affordable solution with robust functionality. You get all the core accounting benefits in accounting tools plus it’s easy to run analytics on different databases by integrating the tools with your in-house processes.

6. PeopleSoft

The software is mainly focused on human resource. In addition to human capital management, it also has modules for enterprise automation, financial management, and supply chain management. It brings solutions for complex business issues, and Oracle modified it for this job. With time some more add-ons in this software are the credit to cash, asset lifecycle, and procure to pay processes. It saves lots of money by cutting down costs with its automated procurement processes.

7. Sage 100 ERP

The software offers modules for distribution, accounting, CRM, HRM, time tracking, project management, and inventory. It also has manufacturing and intelligence tools for business. It was recently upgraded to Sage 100c which was built on the same management platform. Most of the features were the same with improved UI and mobile access. With the help of Sage 100 ERP, you can consolidate sudden market changes, off internal processes, management of people and vendors, and other regulatory requirements. You can efficiently plan your budget with its awesome feature which enables you to access past budgets.

8. Financialforce ERP

The general modules of the software are around the customer. It offers operations for service, sales, HR data, and finance. Though it was targeted for mid-markets, both small and big businesses can found this helpful. The software was built with the fact that convenience of customers is the priority and that’s why it keeps all departments on the same page when the owners are dealing with their customers. The software streamlines billing, quoting, cash collection, sourcing, payroll, and revenue recognition.

9. SAP Business One

When there is a need to integrate financial and human resource operations, SAP is the choice. It improves the efficiency and visibility of business operations. The 17 components of the software work individually to manage separate task but at one point these all are synced together. It also offers modules for supply chain management, inventory, production planning, business intelligence, and product management. Other benefits include mobile access and cloud-based tools which reduce cost and provide ease of operations. It also reduces errors and data inconsistency.

10. iXERP standard

It helps in managing daily processes by centralizing on both externals and internal resources. It offers you tools that help in effective planning, managing, and tracking of your business. It can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and on any device. The best thing about this software is that it can fit into any budget. You can buy the features according to your requirements and budget because you are supposed to pay only for what you use.