F&B pos system is a sales software that helps restaurants with their transaction process, customer relationship, delivery, order, reporting, management, etc. This system makes everything easy and exciting. Many cafes and restaurants use this software to improve their sales with modern technology. All over the world, food industries or food-related businesses have become highly competitive businesses. Entrepreneurs at the point to execute creative things regularly to impress their customers. F&B pos system makes every process exciting that satisfies customers’ wants. Customers can get foods according to their mode swings from anywhere, anytime. Here top f&b pos system used in Malaysia.


GETSLUPR is a popular f&b pos software in Malaysia. More than 800 cafes and restaurants use this software to improve their businesses. They offer free demo for some time. After being satisfied with the demo, entrepreneurs can install the system. GETSLURP enables a safe and innovative sales process. Management can track sales and monitor order status in one and get profit reports and analyses from anywhere, anytime. It makes the sales process simple for customers as well as management.


POS MARKET is an online point of sales system in Malaysia. This system helps many popular restaurants and cafes. It is suitable for small businesses to big. POS MARKET helps to make online payments, mobile app payments, chat payments, social payments, and in-store payments using artificial intelligence. This system reduces an entrepreneur’s time in analyzing reports, and it can capture trends, offers, and pricing suggestions. Customers can place their orders through voice messages also. There will be no issues with supplying food to customers in a crowd.


ARMS F&B software is an innovative form of sales for iPad or iPhone. This software is adopting by many Malaysians to improve their sales with innovation. ARMS F&B pos system helps entrepreneurs to understand their customers. It makes customers satisfy with their wants. This system makes your work simple by giving a snapshot of business reports to your iPad. Now, entrepreneurs need not worry about their business with the adoption of the ARMS F&B pos system. They can see activities and reports of business in one touch on their iPad. This system also took the best place in Malaysian restaurants.


IRS-SOFTWARE is the safest mode of point of sale in restaurants. This system helps with generating reports, customer relationships, stock control, and customer records. It less burden on employees and make smooth sales process even in a crowd. More than 5% ratio of Malaysians adopt this software to enables sales. This app keeps reports safe and helps entrepreneurs to understand the wants of their customers. Customers also love to visit restaurants with these modern technologies to enjoy their dining with innovation.


EPOINT POS system is famous software in Malaysian restaurants. This system is intelligent software that helps entrepreneurs to monitor their representatives and help them with their tools. It also helps to satisfy their customers and enable cash payments methods easily. Employees can deliver food to customers without delay with the help of this software. EPOINT POS system saves the daily reports in confidentiality.


GENIUS pos system is the best iPad software designed for restaurants to increase their profit with an innovative point of sales. This system plays a vital role in making payments with safe and secure methods. Customers need not wait for their servent to take orders and order their food with one touch on their iPad. GENIUS pos cloud system automatically saves the real-time reports.

SIS POS system

SIS POS system is the best point of sales system in Malaysia. Many restaurants and cafes use this software to enable their sales process to smooth. This system helps customer to place their orders on one touch on their iPad. Order will send to the kitchen, and the chef make food accordingly. After receiving the order, the SIS POS system sends a link to the cashier automatically. Entrepreneurs can monitor the reports from anywhere, anytime, with this system.


MARVELSOFT POS system is a software specially modified for business concerns to make sales efficiently. Especially many restaurants in Malaysia use this software to increase their profit. This advanced intelligent technology enables entrepreneurs to monitor their business reports from anywhere on their iPad. This software plays a vital role in satisfying customers’ wants at the time.

SMART F&B POS system

SMART F&B pos system is software with rich qualities to make sales easy. This software is trust by Malaysian entrepreneurs to improve their sales. SMART POS system helps in easy billing, inventory management, auditing reports, purchase, sales, payments, and security. They also provide updates on stocks in the warehouse. These intelligent technologies make everything honky dory.


STOREHUB POS system is the software that makes your business powerful by providing lots of advanced intelligence. Entrepreneurs can take 14 days of free trials before booking their software. Many restaurants and cafes in Malaysia use this software to enable sales efficiency. Entrepreneurs can manage their business from anywhere, anytime.