System malfunctions are unavoidable. In most cases, it is not an affordable nuisance, especially if you are dealing with important data and files on a daily basis for official purposes. Therefore, it is essential to always use professional backup solutions to secure all the necessary files and data. There are two types of backup- file backup and image backup. While file backup is sufficient for simple systems and databases, image backups are what is necessary for complex systems and databases.

Image backups aren’t necessarily the easiest to operate but certainly the most efficient. This process works by producing an image of everything, including the operating system and all data files. The image is captured like a snapshot and it can be reloaded at any time. It is the most efficient backup method. Some of the best programs for a seamless image backup will be shortlisted here.

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ManageEngine OS Deployer

For IT administrators, ManageEngine OS Deployer is the one-stop solution for efficient and hassle-free operating system deployment. With its automated disk imaging and deployment functions, administrators can eliminate errors associated with manual deployment in return saving time and effort.  The user-friendly product console facilitates image…

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List of Top 10 Image Backup Software

1.AOMEI Backupper

It is a free software for image backup. It is simple, quick, and user-friendly. The products offered come in four different packages designed to suit different scenarios. There is the professional edition for home, workstation edition for businesses, Server edition for Windows Server, and Technician Plus Edition for Enterprise & MSP. It is easy to use, cost-efficient, and reliable.

2.Drive Image XML

It is a program for image backups. It is easy to use and user-friendly. It has all the necessary features for running a seamless backup and restore. This program comes in two versions, one for private use and the other for commercial use. Individuals can avail the private version for personal use for free, however, no support is provided. Companies and organizations can avail for the commercial plan, it is cost-efficient and offers support.

3.Paragon Backup & Recovery

It is a free disk imaging program for Windows and Mac. The free version is designed for personal use which meets the needs for backups and restoration at home. The premium features are cost-efficient and make the tedious process of image backups easier. Some of the main features include backup schedules, disk space management, and version control.

4.EaseUS Todo Backup Free

Todo Backup is a free program devised by EaseUS for disk imaging backup. It is one of the easiest image backup programs available that offer tech support free of cost. It is reliable and efficient. It offers services in backup, restores, and cloning. It is available in two options- a free edition and a home edition. The home edition is affordable and offers more smart and effective features like clone system, wipe disk partition, etc.

5.Macrium Reflect Free

It is one of the most reliable options for backup and restoration. It is a free backup solution that meets the demands of commercial and personal users. Some of the main features include restoring non-booting systems, direct disk cloning, etc. There are premium packages that offer more features for Home, Workstation, Server, Technicians, etc. This program is affordable, cost-efficient, secure, and easy to operate.


It is an image backup solution much suited for advanced users. It deals with partition, disk imaging, and cloning. Clonezilla programs come in three different versions. They are Clonezilla live, Clonezilla lite server, and Clonezilla SE (server edition). Even if it is an efficient program, operating it requires advanced skills and is not the best option for beginners. However, the program is very efficient, offers a variety of features, and is very much reliable which makes a lot of users choose Clonezilla.

7.Acronis True Image WD Edition

It is one among the popular software, preferred by many for disk imaging, cloning, and restoring. It is suitable for Windows operating systems and offers a variety of features including disk management, diagnostics, and new hard drive installs. It is easy to use but comes with a catch as at least one WD hard drive needs to be attached in your system to be able to install and run the product. But otherwise, it is a very efficient and reliable program.


It is expanded as PING Is Not Ghost is a Linux based ISO that is easy to use and operate. It helps in image backup and restore partitions. It is an offline option with a seamless procedure, making it easier to handle for beginners. It has many features, including the creation of incremental backup and bootable restoration disk.

9.Active at Disk Image

It is another disk image software. It is capable of replicating any PC disk, which can later be reloaded for essential purposes. It comes in three different editions, namely, Lite, Standard, and Pro. Lite is the free version that comes with the essential features. Standard and Pro are advanced options that are cost-efficient with more features. The main drawback of this program is that it is applicable only for Windows.

10.O&O Disk Image Express Edition

It is a Windows-based free image backup software. It is very easy to use and has all the necessary features. It functions and carries out every duty that is required to be performed by an imaging software. The only drawback is that it is suitable only for Windows.