There are various Property management Software in Canada which are being used by multiple companies to manage real estate business.

The real estate market is immensely huge since the matter is about trillions and billions of money over the whole business propaganda.

What is Property management software?

Property management software is such an application which helps the various real estate and property management firms to look into the various issues regarding their properties.

Previously the property management software was based upon the company’s servers. But with the advancement of technology, the software is now entirely based upon cloud-based.

Properties such as residential, commercial, hospitality and student housing are managed with the help of this software. The management process is now made much more comfortable with the availability of these software.

Who uses this Property management software?

This property is being used by various real estate companies who need to look after multiple features of their own and various clients. This software keeps track of the miscellaneous expenses and profits for the owner of the company, and it is also made sure by using this software that the tenant pays their rent accordingly on time.

Some of the best Property management software are as follows:


Appfolio is popular application software which is used for property management. It is easy to set up and manage. Eventually, this would mean that you could focus on pursuing the goal of your business and avoid the complications of using technology. There is no hardware. All of the data which is inserted is cloud-based. The application is very much popular among various companies, and thus it has created a strong level of trust among different other clients all over the world.

Building Engines

This is again a very popular cloud-based property management software which you could use to handle your various business propaganda. This software is so much handy that instead of charging you for each and every feature for the application, you are charged a wholesome, affordable fee for availing the license of the software so that you could use all of the highlights of the app. This application is supported on various devices across all multiple platforms. It even allows you to work in an offline mode when you and your team could not get a suitable connection for the application to work with its cloud-based computing system.

Yardi Voyager

Yardi’s central concept is to keep all of the department of the company tied up together with regards to any property management jobs. Most other platforms might miss out some the features which a property application software needs to have, but Yardi makes sure that all of the features are covered. This application is very much suitable for tracking the various rents which are paid by the tenants. It could even track various insurance policy information for various clients respectively.


RealPage is one of the leading software providers for various real estate agencies all over the world. This software helps the company to track various data analytics and thus, in turn, increase the performance and capital returns for the company. This software allows you to enforce the company’s policies in a wholesome manner across the entire portfolio. You could cut down on the usage of paper while using this app since this application allows the feature of scanning the various data and storing them in the cloud-based computing system.

Rent manager

This is a popular property management software which is used by various real estates which in turn allows the user to manage work along with enterprise accounting. You could easily record a message and just send it over to numerous other contacts in the workgroup present within the app. Usage of paper is also lessened. Just write down a letter, and it could be posted to wherever you want. This feature does also save a lot of time in turn, and thus the company could focus on the expansion of their business propaganda.


The login for all sorts of management, tenants, and owners are on the dashboard itself. The information inserted into the application would automatically get synced with your members in the group, and all of them would be notified likewise about the work which has been progressing. This software is very easy to use and also comes in an affordable package.


This software is one of the fastest growing apps in the recent market for property management. It is a very convenient application with easy to use interface along with affordable charges for the services which this software provides. This application is built on a single platform entirely for both the operational and accounting needs. The methodology of document management with this application is altogether outstanding.

Onsite Property Manager

This application is also fast growing along with lots of other application on the basis of property management. All of the information which is needed is posted automatically and thus, you never have to ever think about losing money since the data did not get published. The software is very much helpful for making a personalized letter with ease and also emailing them really fast via the software only.


Great cloud-based software where all of the data is stored in the cloud-based computing system. The core system could do all of the work which is needed for property management issues. The software does all of the work automatically and thus a lot of time is saved likewise for the great workflow for various companies. The modes of sharing the information among various other team members along with effective communication are also great.


The era of smart homes has come into the market and using this property management software to find one for you will be an excellent experience for everyone. The core of Entrata is very much stabilized and robust so that it could handle loads of work by automating the various processes along with cutting down time in the real world by fasting up all of the work under specific procedures.