One of India’s most extensive and rapidly expanding industries is the information technology industry, which has become strategically important to the country’s GDP and a critical economic driver. 

Over four million individuals were directly engaged in the IT sector in 2017, while a further ten million could find work in related fields thanks to the sector. Additionally, the industry brought in an estimated $180 million in yearly sales for FY 2019.

TCS, Infosys, and Wipro, the three Indian IT giants, are expanding swiftly to catch up to the world’s IT leaders like IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft, driving the demand for highly skilled IT personnel.

Need for Training for Professional Coders

The need for highly trained IT specialists in India has always been high. Still, with the current acceleration of technological change, it is reaching new heights. There is a growing need for individuals with credentials and academic training in the IT industry. For this reason, today’s youth frequently seek software development training, certification, and education programs to give them a leg up in the job market.

Top Software Development Skills

Programming for Mobile Devices

Since so many smartphones are in use, India’s mobile app industry is thriving. Businesses of all stripes are increasingly relying on apps for mobile communication with customers. Both the Android and iOS ecosystems provide abundant entry-level opportunities. Languages commonly used for mobile app development include Java, C++; however, the chosen language will ultimately depend on the operating system and mobile platform.

You will start as an App Developer, but after a few years in the workforce, you will be promoted to Project Manager. Training programs like the Certified Android App Developer and the Certified iOS App Developer are great choices.

Website Development and Programming

Learning the principles of web application design, development, production, and assessment is the primary goal of any web programming/web design course. As a bonus, you’ll learn how to meet the demands of your customers. It is common for Web Developers to need to be fluent in multiple languages and OSes. As a result, they need to be fluent in at least two or three popular programming languages (such as Java, Python, C, C++, Ruby, SQL, PHP, etc.) and have experience with a wide range of operating systems (including Linux, Windows, and iOS). A bachelor’s degree is adequate for most occupations, but a master’s degree is usually required for advancement.

A freelance job in web design is available to anyone looking for one. A corporation may hire you full-time, or you may choose to work independently. Regardless of your preferred approach, you’ll find promising job chances here.

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Is it necessary to reiterate how required AI and ML courses are now that they have had such a profound effect on business and, more significantly, our daily lives? Artificial intelligence and machine learning have quickly become indispensable in today’s IT landscape. Experts in AI and ML are in high demand as many businesses incorporate these game-changing technologies into their operations. Taking advantage of a prestigious university’s available online AI and ML courses can increase one’s chances of getting hired for a desirable position.

It is recommended that students enrolling in AI and ML courses have a solid grounding in Maths and Analysis and solid programming skills. 

Analytical Data

With the rise of Big Data, data analytics has emerged as a frontrunner in every sector, including healthcare, logistics, and information technology. Employers in every area now realise the value of data, meaning anyone seeking a career in Big Data must have solid Data Analytics chops.

With the help of Big Data Analytics courses, those with a Bachelor’s in Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, or Computer Science can land entry-level jobs, typically Junior positions. In addition, fluency in a programming language, such as R, C++, Java, MATLAB, etc., is required. Knowledge of data management technologies like Tableau, is also helpful.


The recent popularity of Agile methodologies has significantly boosted DevOps. It aims to improve communication between the two departments, development and speed up and enhance software products and services delivery.

The time to learn DevOps practices is now, as this methodology has recently emerged as a significant trend in business. The need for skilled DevOps engineers is soaring. Having acquired the requisite DevOps knowledge, you will be better able to advertise your services to prospective employers. Don’t worry; not only will you love your work, but you’ll get compensated well for it as well.

Designing User Interfaces and User Experiences

Expertise in User Interface Design and User Experience Design helps to create an app’s interface that is logical, easy to use, and user-friendly. Developers are accountable for everything between the visual design, user interaction, and feedback. The need for experienced software professionals in India is growing daily.

You need to be an expert coder with a firm grasp of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, among other languages and frameworks if you want to create a UI/UX framework. 

Data Management Specialist (DBA)

One of the most fundamental tasks in the software sector of computing is database administration. Someone with experience is needed to manage the business and ensure that company databases are well-maintained. This means that DBAs with experience managing company databases are in high demand. A Database Administrator’s job is to provide the confidentiality, availability, and correctness of data stored in databases.

A bachelor’s degree in Computer Science is preferred. However, a degree in a closely related discipline (such as Information Systems) can suffice. A computer science associate degree is often sufficient for entry-level employment. Fresh graduates with programming and data analysis skills will thrive as database administrators.

Robotic Process Automation for Software Quality Testing (SQT)

Automated software model testing using scripted tests before entering production is known as Software Quality Testing (SQT) Automation. By automating the SQT process, we can ensure that our software is safe and reliable. This aids in making software testing more efficient and effective. Learning the ins and outs of automated testing technologies is much easier after taking an SQT Automation course.

You need to know your way around automation testing technologies like JMeter, Selenium, Appium, Ranorex, etc., and have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science/Engineering or a closely related discipline.


Cybersecurity has become an increasingly important issue for businesses of all sizes due to the proliferation of cybercrime and cyber threats. Hackers and other cybercriminals don’t discriminate against companies of any size. Therefore, investing in a solid cybersecurity infrastructure is worthwhile to prevent and lessen any potential threats.

Due to the complexity and difficulty, most cybersecurity-related positions call for at least a bachelor’s degree in the field or a closely connected one. 

 Analytical Augmentation

With the help of machine learning, natural language processing, and text minimisation, Augmented Analytics can automatically extract insights from data and turn them into usable Business Intelligence (BI). To put it another way, Augmented Analytics aids in removing actionable insights from massive datasets and translates them into language humans can easily comprehend. Insights like this can then inform business decisions based on complex data. Software development fundamentals can be studied thoroughly. There are various courses which can help you explore software development.

Being an asset to a company is an excellent incentive to become an expert in the field of Augmented Analytics. Your ability to mine data for hidden patterns and distil them into usable insights can do wonders for a company’s bottom line. 

Final Note

You probably realise that the potential for growth and education in IT and the wider IT business is limitless. It’s not easy to decide on a career path, but it’s much less complicated if you have a clear picture of your future self and the field you want to work in.

Here is the Software development courses list that can help you plan for your continued education.