Today, it is not surprising that modern equipment has created many benefits for people. For each tiny thing, humans acquire helps from technology, whereas without applications and software, it is hard to complete the various processes. In companies and organizations, the need for several documents will be there, and for sharing such documents in a clear format, the PDF will be very useful.

Many people use the Portable Document Format, such as students, employees, organizations, etc. You can share documents with images, 3D objects, and even video content that are rich media. Generally, PDF will convert words and other documents to a perfect document that can be viewed and used in any place. But sometimes, you have to edit the PDF like dragging and dropping pages and changing the order of pages, and in such cases, you can use PDF editor, which will be convenient for you to use. Much PDF editor software was available, and you have to choose the best one. Here are the top 5 open sources PDF editors listed for you.

Top 5 open source pdf editor

Libre Office 

Every day, numerous open-sources PDF editors is launched in the market, but not all are effective, and only some software would be efficient in work and stand on top of the market. Among the top 5, the primary open-source software is LibreOffice. It beat all its competitive software and was flagged as the number one software for excellent editing. This PDF editor is free and open-source software for windows and a powerful office suite. It is just like the Microsoft word created for easy PDF edit and helps to edit both images and text.

Benefits of LibreOffice 

  • You can open the PDF files easily in this PDF editor.
  • This one is well-suited with Mac OS 12/11/X, Windows and Linux.
  • You can convert any file format into PDF after editing them in LibreOffice
  • The pages in the PDF can be easily added and deleted by you in this PDF editor.
  • As it is full of a digital world, you can add your digital signature to your work by using this software.  
  • It provides various standard editing features like insert, format, converts etc.
  • It costs less than Microsoft office.

How to use LibreOffice 

Step 1: Before clicking the open, first run the Open-source Pdf editor, and after clicking the open, choose the PDF to edit.

Step 2: The interface is divided into several sections. The toolbar is located on the left, the preview and edit window is in the centre, and the Properties panel is right.

Step 3: To change the text, select it and click the Text tool at the top of the ribbon. Change the content, style, font, colour, and size now.

Step 4: There are several painting tools for drawing on your PDF on the left side. To rotate the pages, change the Orientation setting in the Properties panel.

Step 5: If you are comfortable with the outcome, save the file as a PDF.


The next top PDF editor is Inkscape, and it is also an open-source vector graphics editor. Experts say it is similar to Adobe Illustrator, etc., and is considered the best PDF editor. Are you a graphic designer or web designer? Do you want to create vector images for your upcoming projects? If yes, then Inkscape is the best choice for you to edit for your projects. You can easily extract information from any PDF file. The amazing feature of this PDF editor is that it allows you to edit heavy PDF files. You can easily continue the text display even after the lack of fonts in the PDF document.

Benefits of Inkscape  

  • Like the word, you can view and edit PDF files in the interface of Inkscape.
  • Use vector graphics to edit the files, which are huge benefits for graphic designers and web designers.
  • This popular software is free editing software.  
  • Any format can be imported and exported. 
  • Best choice for drawings and start-ups. 

How to use Inkscape    

Step 1: Download the Inkscape, the open-source PDF editor and open it.

Step 2: Import the PDF and ensure that you select the import text as a text option.

Step 3: The toolbar, which includes text, shape, etc., will be on the left side, where you can easily find it.

Step 4: All the content in your PDF is editable, and after finishing the edit, click and enlarge the file menu.

Step 5:  Finally, select the save as option and then PDF and the file will be saved.

Apache open office draw 

Apache open office draw is PDF editing software which is getting popularity gradually. It is a great open-source PDF editor for windows as it is great software which is the suite for spreadsheets, word processing, databases, graphics and more. Like Inkscape, it is used for diagrams and other images and is also famous for PDF file editing. After importing the file as a graphic, on top of it, you can add text and save it as a new document.

Benefits of Apache open office draw 

  • It is friendly with a variety of platforms.
  • It has several editing features.
  • It has a feature for spell checking.
  • It is ideal for inserting graphics into a PDF file.

How to use Apache open office draw 

Step 1: Get your open-source PDF editor’s PDF Import Extension. Then, launch the editor, navigate to Tools – Extension Manager – Add, locate the extension, and double-click it to install it.

Step 2: Open the PDF file to edit and navigate to the desired page. After you have selected the object you want to modify, you will see editing tools on the top toolbar and custom options on the right side.

Step 3: Once you have completed the editing process, save it as .pdf.


Several amazing features are waiting in PDFescape for you to edit your PDF file. This editor easily customizes your file with more than 100 downloaded fonts and colours. 

You can add any text, image, or even graphics to your PDF document. You can convert the boring file into a new document version through this PDF escape editor.

Benefits of PDFescape 

  • You can get multiple colours in this editor.
  • Different advanced options like sticky notes in your Document etc.
  • It is very easy to upload and download a file in PDFescape from a URL or computer.
  • This software is great for windows.
  • The availability of a variety of fonts is more.

How to edit PDF online 

Step 1: In your browser, navigate to and select the free web app.

Step 2: Choose whether to import a PDF from your hard drive or a URL and wait for it to upload.

Step 3: To insert new objects, go to the Insert tab on the left side and choose Text, Image, or Link based on your requirements. Put Whiteout on it if you want to remove existing content.

Step 4: Select the Page tab to edit the pages in your PDF. Pages can be moved, rotated, deleted, or cropped from this menu.

Step 5: Finally, click the Save button to save the changes and download the PDF.

PDFsam Basic 

Pdf is a free and open-source PDF editor for Windows that includes one free and one paid PDF editor. PDF Basic is a programme that can merge, split, extract pages, rotate, and mix PDF files. It is well-matched with Windows, Mac, and Linux. PDF visual is a tool that let you analysis your PDF document in the form of pages visually. The commercial version, PDFSam improved, includes all of the powerful editing features you require. Pdf Basic is a free and open-source PDF editor that you can use.

Benefits of PDFsam Basic 

  • The open-source PDF editor will allow you to organize your PDF pages visually.
  • The order of the PDF pages can be changed easily.
  • You can combine and merge PDF pages and split and extract PDF pages.
  • Single or multiple pages may be able to be rotated and saved.
  • It is very simple to use.

How to merge the PDF files with PDFsam Basic 

Step 1: Before merging the file, click add to add your required PDF files.

Step 2: For arranging the files in order, use the move up and move down buttons.

Step 3: Then go to the merge setting, add a blank page, and add a footer. Continue to normalize the size of the page and use the Interactive forms, Bookmarks handling, and table of contents if required.

Step 4: Select the name and location of the following PDF file.  

Step 5: Once you are done with all the steps, click Run to start the execution. If there is no error, the process bar will grow until it is complete, and finally, the PDF is ready for you.

Bottom line: 

Always try to present your Document excellently, and you can change the version of your PDF by using various PDF editors. Bring various attractiveness in your Document by adding more text, images, graphics, merging them, ordering the pages etc., in PDF editor. Finally, the points listed above are the top 5 Open source PDF editors, and you can make use of any of these editors, which is best for you and suits you.